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Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?

Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?

Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the realization that your air conditioner’s thermostat isn’t working? It can be disconcerting, to say the least. Nobody likes the sensation of being too hot or too cold in their own home. Fortunately, you can take steps to repair your thermostat—or even just identify the problem with it.

It can be difficult to troubleshoot why your AC’s thermostat isn’t working properly. Even though they may look simple on the outside, a myriad of components work together to make sure your thermostat functions properly. From the power source to the sensors, there are many potential causes of thermostat failure.

To identify and fix the problem, it’s important to first assess the situation. To do that, you need to observe the thermostat and see what is happening.

Checking the Power Source

The first thing to do is check on the power source of your air conditioning system. If the power supply is not directed at the thermostat, the system won’t have an ample amount of energy to keep up with the demand of your environment. Make sure the circuit is powered on and that the main electricity switch is energized.

If the electricity switch is off, leave it off for a couple of seconds and then turn it back on. This may reset the system and bring the thermostat back to life. If this doesn’t work, you may have to call an expert.

Inspect the Sensor

The next step is to check if the sensor within the thermostat is working correctly. When the environment’s temperature surpasses the sensor’s threshold, the device will kick on and regulate the air conditioner. A dusty environment can block the sensor and prevent it from delivering accurate readings.

To clean the sensor, simply use a fine brush to remove any dirt or dust particles. You should also remember to clean the other parts of the thermostat for the best results. After the cleaning is complete, wait for a few minutes to see if the system begins to regulate the temperature.

Restoring Your Thermostat

At this point, you should consider calling a local, reliable appliance repair service. Depending on the complexity of the problem, it can be better to leave the task to an experienced technician. Other issues to look out for include inaccurate calibration, wiring issues, corroded batteries, and other potential causes.

If everything checks out, you may have to replace your thermostat. There are plenty of thermostat models on the market, and some of them come with the capability to measure humidity and store the readings in an internal memory.

By investing in the right thermostat and having a certified HVAC professional install it, you can maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning system. This saves you money and increases the comfort of your home.

In Conclusion

If your AC’s thermostat isn’t working and needs to be fixed, the first step is to check the power source of your air conditioner. After that, you should inspect the sensor for dirt and dust buildup and clean it if needed. If the problem persists, you should contact a reliable appliance repair service.

Air conditioners can be complex systems, so it may be best to leave the work to the professionals. They can reach the root of the problem and help you restore the thermostat’s functionality.

Not sure what to do next? Call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590. Their knowledgeable and experienced technicians are available 24/7 to help you troubleshoot and solve your HVAC issues.

Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?
Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?
Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working?

AC Thermostat Not Working: Solutions and Best Practices

Summer in California can be incredibly hot and, if your air conditioning (AC) isn’t working properly, it can be very uncomfortable. AC malfunctions can be expensive to repair, so taking preventive action to avoid thermostat not working issues can save you time, money, and a lot of stress. The following are manufacturer recommendations, local appliance companies’ or HVAC technician’s recommendations regarding preventive action to avoid AC thermostat not working issues.

Clean The Area

The first step in preventive action to avoid AC thermostat not working is to clean the area around the thermostat. Dust, dirt, and debris can build up over time, blocking vents, restricting air flow, and interfering with the thermostat’s accuracy. With a clean, dust-free area around the thermostat, it will operate at its peak performance.

Check For Battery Problems

Properly functioning batteries in the thermostat are essential to ensuring that it works correctly. If it has lost power due to a dead battery, the AC will not be able to turn on. Make sure that the thermostat is powered on and the batteries are in good condition.

Verifying The Program

It is possible that the AC thermostat could be programmed incorrectly. This can cause it to work inconsistently or not work at all. Carefully review the program and make any necessary changes to the settings. This will help ensure that the thermostat is running properly.

Monitor Anomalies

It is important to pay attention to any indications that might suggest a problem. Unusual noises coming from the AC unit, for example, could hint at a malfunction. It’s important to attend to these issues as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood of an AC thermostat not working issue.

Replace Old Equipment

If the AC thermostat is an older model, it may be necessary to replace the unit. Older models may be susceptible to breakdown due to age and wear and tear. Replacing the thermostat with a newer model can help reduce the chances of AC thermostat not working issues.

Get Professional Assistance

If all the above steps have been taken and there are still issues, it is best to seek the help of a professional. Trained HVAC technicians can diagnose the problem and provide a solution that will help ensure good air conditioning performance.

In conclusion, taking preventive action to avoid AC thermostat not working issues can save time, money, and a lot of stress. Cleaning the area, checking for battery problems, verifying the program, monitoring anomalies, replacing old equipment, and getting professional assistance can all help reduce the likelihood of an AC breakdown. Taking these measures will help keep your AC running smoothly through the hot summer months.

Average Repair Cost for AC Thermostat Not Working

When it comes to repairing an AC thermostat that isn’t working, the price can vary significantly depending on the type and complexity of the problem. The average repair cost for this issue is usually between $80 and $300, with additional installation costs or parts, if needed, adding to the total. With an AC thermostat, it’s important to diagnose the specific problem before attempting any repairs to ensure that the most efficient, cost-effective solution is chosen.

If the issue is something minor such as loose wiring, you may be able to perform the repair yourself, but be sure to check the manufacturer instructions to ensure you do the job safely and correctly. If the issue is more prolific, or if you’re uncomfortable attempting the repair on your own, it’s always recommended to call a reputable technician to diagnose and repair the issue.

When making a call for repair services, it’s important to ask detailed questions so that you can be sure that the technician understands your needs and can implement the most cost-effective repair. For instance, customers in the city of California can call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at 866-311-8590 for reliable, trustworthy service.

Be sure to ask about the cost of any parts that may be required for the repair, including the type and quantity of the needed parts, and any estimate of labor cost associated with the repair. Additionally, any estimate of the length of time required to complete the repair should also be provided.

In some cases, the issue may require a complete replacement of the thermostat. In this case, the installation cost can range anywhere from $200 and up, depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of thermostat that needs to be installed. Be sure to ask a technician for a breakdown of the cost so that you can best choose the most cost-effective option.

Before any work is done, be sure to discuss any warranties on the vendor parts and the labor involved, to ensure that your repair is properly covered should any issues arise in the future.

Overall, the cost to repair an AC thermostat can depend on the complexity of the repair and the parts required, but should not exceed $300 (on average). For the most reliable advice and cost-effective solutions, consult with a reputable service provider such as Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating.


When it comes to repairing an AC thermostat that isn’t working, the average repair cost can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. Generally, the repair cost is between $80 and $300, with installation cost adding to the total if replacement is necessary. To get the most reliable advice, and the most cost-effective solutions, it’s recommended to call a reputable service provider such as Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at 866-311-8590.

What To Do When Your AC Thermostat is Not Working?

The last thing you want to deal with in hot and humid weather is an air conditioner that doesn’t work. While the cause of AC malfunction may range from minor to major, a frequent problem is the AC thermostat not working.

If you have a faulty thermostat, the best solution is to call in the professionals. Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned and operated business based in California. The company provides same-day services for all types of HVAC repairs, especially AC thermostats not working.

Reliable is proud to offer only the best in service. All of their technicians are highly trained with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in installation, repair and maintenance. With fair and cost-effective prices, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value and justly priced AC thermostat repair you need.

With Reliable, you can also have peace of mind knowing that their services are licensed, insured, and all their repairs come with a 90-day warranty.

When your AC thermostat not working, don’t wait for an inconvenient breakdown in the middle of a punishing summer day – contact Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for prompt and reliable service. Get the AC repair you need to keep your HVAC system running at its best.

FAQ: Why Is My AC Thermostat Not Working & AC Thermostat Not Working?

What might cause an AC thermostat not to work?

There are several possibilities for why your AC thermostat might not be functioning. It could be a wiring issue or the thermostat’s batteries could be dead. Additionally, the thermostat’s internal mechanical components may be broken or faulty.

What should I do if my AC thermostat isn’t working?

If your AC thermostat isn’t working, look into its wiring and battery power. If you find nothing wrong draw on those fronts, then its internal components likely need to be checked and potentially reset. If the cause remains a mystery, seek professional help.

What are signs of an AC thermostat malfunction?

Signs of a malfunctioning AC thermostat include a completely inactive unit, improper temperature readings and the thermostat blinking or repeatedly turning off and on.

How can I fix a non-working AC thermostat?

If your AC thermostat isn’t working, first check if its wiring is intact and if its battery needs to be changed. If the issue doesn’t appear to be related to either of these two factors, try resetting the internal components before consulting a professional appliance repairman.

If your AC thermostat is still not working, then it’s time to call in an expert. Contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for assistance with fixing your AC thermostat.

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