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Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them

Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them

Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them

Amidst hot and humid summer days, a functioning and reliable commercial AC is a must. But while these commercial air conditioners and AC units may seem mighty and strong on the exterior, problems can arise that cause stress and annoyance. In this article, we will uncover a handful of the most common Commercial AC Complaints and provide reliable solutions that you can do yourself.

Complaint #1: AC Not Cooling Enough

The most common issue commercial air conditioners often face is that they become unable to cool the surrounding environment. This may be occurring due to lack of refrigerant, faulty AC system components, or a clogged filter that isn’t allowing airflow. To identify and resolve this problem, check for any obvious damage. This could include leaking refrigerant, cracked or broken components, and/or clogged filters. Replace any faulty components and make sure your air filter is clean. Additionally, check your AC system’s manufacturer’s website to make sure all specifications are correct and up-to-date.

Complaint #2: Low Airflow

A second common complaint from commercial AC owners is poor or low airflow. Poor airflow can not only be costly to repair, but it can also make it difficulty for cool air to be dispersed throughout the facility. To resolve this issue, it is important to check the wiring to make sure everything is connected properly. Additionally, observe the blower motor to make sure it is not overheating and make sure all fans are functioning properly. Furthermore, inspect the thermostat to make sure it is not clogged, as dirt could be impeding the air passage.

Complaint #3: Noisy Operation

In some cases, commercial AC units may become very noisy during operation. This type of problem usually occurs when the motor starts to deteriorate. Another common cause for loud operations noise is that the fan blade might be out of balance or starting to break away. The first line of trouble-shooting for this issue should be to visually inspect the fan blade and make sure it has no cracks or holes. Once this is checked, you should try to lubricate the fan’s moving parts in order to reduce any grinding or squeaking sounds. Also, make sure that all components in the AC system are mechanically sound, as loose nuts and bolts may also contribute to noise. Finally, check the air ducts for any build-up of dust and debris which could imped noise levels.

Complaint #4: Water Leaks

Another frequent complaint among commercial AC owners is leaks or pooling of cooled liquid. This usually occurs due to a clogged condensate line or a faulty condensate pump. In order to diagnose this problem, identify where the leak is coming from and check the condensate pump to make sure it is functioning appropriately. Also check the condensate drain to see if it has become clogged. Once everything has been checked, make necessary adjustments to remedy the water leak.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to commercial air conditioners, there are many potential complaints that could pose as potential problems. For each complaint there are potential solutions that can be done on one’s own, while other more serious issues may require calling in a professional technician. If you experience any of the above-mentioned issues, the best and most reliable action to take is to contact a local, reliable and experienced appliance repair company like Local Reliable Appliance Repair, who can provide top-notch service and repair at an unbeatable price. With the right team and a little knowledge, all your commercial AC complaints can be resolved in no time!

Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them
Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them
Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them

Commercial AC Complaints: Best Practices To Avoid

When it comes to commercial air conditioning systems, it is important to take preventive action to avoid any complaints or faults. To ensure your system operates optimally and effectively, manufacturers and local appliance companies, as well as HVAC technicians, will recommend best practices to avoid Commercial AC Complaints.

Create Regular Maintenance Schedules

The best way to prevent HVAC system issues is to develop regular schedules of maintenance. This means having inspections, cleaning and startup procedures (including testing) done periodically. If a fault is found, have it serviced immediately to prevent larger, more expensive issues in the future.

Have The Right Troubleshooting Tools On Hand

You should always keep the necessary tools and parts on hand for troubleshooting. If a particular part is faulty, having it at the ready helps minimize downtime, which can cause delays and other costly issues.

Conduct Routine Checks

It’s always a good idea to regularly check on your HVAC system. A thorough examination of the inside and outside operations of the system, including water pressure, line temperature, refrigerant levels and voltage readings, would allow you to detect potential problems before they become an issue.

Change your Air Filters Regularly

Dirty or clogged air filters can cause problems in commercial air conditioning systems and reduce air quality. Having newer filters with a higher filtration rating will help keep the system operating effectively and improve the quality of the indoor air.

Complete Closeout Procedures on Start-Up

Whenever starting a commercial HVAC system after installation, it is essential to complete closeout procedures. This includes confirming that all procedures in the installation manual have been correctly followed, checking for any loose components, and making sure that the system runs as designed.

Engage a Professional HVAC Technician
Have a professional HVAC technician inspect and service your system yearly to identify and address any issues before they affect its performance. An experienced technician will be able to check for blockages, worn parts, and other problems that require attention.

In summary, manufacturing and local appliance companies, along with HVAC technicians, recommend preventive action to avoid commercial AC complaints. Having a regular schedule of inspections and maintenance, having the right troubleshooting tools, conducting routine checks, changing air filters regularly, completing closeout procedures on start-up, and engaging a professional HVAC technician can help prevent costly and avoidable issues with commercial air conditioning systems.

Advice for Commercial AC Complaints

Are you dealing with commercial AC complaints and need to figure out how much it will cost to repair or install a new system? If you’re located in California, prices are now about 20% higher. Here is a guide to average repair and installation charges, with tips on parts that may be necessary and an itemized list of materials.

Repair Cost Overview

Businesses considering the repair of their commercial AC system should consider the cost of the job, including any parts and materials that may be necessary. Replacement of parts, such as fan motors, often require various tools and materials, such as screws. These will add to the cost of the repair. Additionally, some tasks may call for specialist skills and specialized tools, which could increase the cost.

It will be best to get a quote from a local HVAC specialist, such as Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, to get the exact conditions, labor, and repair cost.

Installation Cost

Installing a new commercial AC system will usually involve the selection of a suitable unit and the selection of the appropriate parts and materials. Then, a suitable installation space for the unit is prepared, professionally installed, and connected to the rest of the AC system. The unit is then tested and is ready to use.

The cost of the installation process depends on the type of AC system and complexity. On average, a small to medium sized system in California can cost anywhere between $4500 and $10,000.

Itemized List

When considering both repair and installation, it’s a good idea to make an itemized list of all the parts and materials expected. This will include:

  • Unit
  • Ducts and insulation
  • Refrigerant
  • Thermometer gauge and valves
  • Condenser, fan motor, and wires
  • Wiring, mounting brackets, and protection for the unit

Generally, the cost of the parts and materials will range from $1000 – $8000, depending on the scale of the repair or installation.

In conclusion, it’s best to get a quote from a local HVAC specialist, such as Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, to get the exact conditions, labour, and repair cost. The average repair cost of a commercial AC system in California can start at around $4500, while the cost of installing a new system may range from $1000 – $8000 depending on the scale of the project.

Solving Commercial AC Complaints

Commercial air conditioning and heating are essential investments that keep your employees and customers comfortable, safe and productive. But it’s not uncommon for these systems to malfunction, resulting in complaints from customers. Luckily, Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is here to make the process of diagnosing and solving AC complaintscomfortable and simple.

Reliable is an expert team of highly trained technicians, with a minimum of five years’ experience on the field, who are available for same-day services. Visiting your business site promptly and providing fair and affordable pricing, Reliable offers a reliable solution for all commercial AC complaints.

But that’s not all. As a family-owned business based in California, Reliable provides their quality service with a state license and an insurance. As evidence of the quality of their work, they also provide a warranty that encompasses a 90-day period, so you get the most value out of your money on AC repairs.

When you need efficient and reliable service that solves all your Commercial AC Complaints in an efficient and cost-effective manner, look no further than Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. They promise to make the process simple, leaving you with peace of mind knowing that your commercial AC system is working as it should without fail.

FAQ – Top Commercial AC Complaints and How to Fix Them

What are Common Commercial AC Complaints?

Many businesses experience common AC complaints, from temperature disparities to unit noise and more. Common complaints include temperature variances, power outages, poor air flow, and strange noises.

How Can I Fix Temperature Variances?

The underlying cause of temperature variances can stem from a number of sources. Check ducts for leaks and proper insulation. Make sure the AC unit is not blocked and the condenser is clean. Also, have your AC unit inspected regularly.

What Could be the Cause of Power Outages?

Underlying causes of power outages in commercial AC units could be attributed to improperly installed breakers, thermostats, wires, or connections. Additionally, it could be that the power needs to be upgraded for more cooling efficiency.

What Can I Do to Improve Air Flow?

In certain cases, AC units in older buildings may have inadequate air flow. A simple solution is to promote proper air flow by adjusting the air supply diffusers, or cleaning the duct work.

What are the Most Common Strange Noises?

Strange noises in AC units can range from loud humming to whistling and other squeaks. Loose belts and worn or faulty motors are most often the culprits. In many cases, the solution to strange noises is replacing the belt and/or the motor.

If you need help addressing these top Commercial AC Complaints and more, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for assistance.

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