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AC Not Cooling Enough? We'll Diagnose and Fix the Issue

AC Not Cooling Enough? We’ll Diagnose and Fix the Issue

AC Not Cooling Enough? We’ll Diagnose and Fix the Issue

The hot days of summer bring a need for cool air in our homes. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems everywhere can start to struggle over time. If your system isn’t cooling the way you’d like, then it’s time to diagnose and fix the issue.

When your AC is not cooling enough, it can start to feel like it’s time for a complete replacement. But before you start shopping for new systems, it’s worth troubleshooting the existing one. There’s a chance that a few simple troubleshooting steps and professional repairs are all that’s needed to get your air conditioner working the way it should.

At Local Reliable Appliance Repair, we’re passionate about helping homeowners find solutions for AC that’s not cooling enough. That’s why we offer a range of repairs and maintenance services to diagnose, repair, and prevent problems in the future. Let’s take a look at some common reasons AC isn’t cooling enough, and what to do if you’re experiencing issues with your system.

Outdated or Outmatched Systems

Old air conditioning systems can be less effective over time. And units that don’t match the size of your home may not be able to cool enough. If you believe that the system itself may be to blame, then an AC technician will be able to assess the issue and tell you whether it’s time for an upgrade.

Poor Power Supply

If the power supply to your AC system is insufficient, then it won’t be able to perform at its best. This can be due to a range of issues from frayed wiring to a tripped circuit. Faulty wiring can be dangerous, so it should always be inspected and tested by a licensed technician.

Refrigerant Leakage

Refrigerant is integral to your AC system’s ability to cool the air in your home. A leak can significantly reduce cooling power, cause strange sounds and smells, and lead to freeze-ups or frost buildup. To avoid causing lasting or irreversible damage, it’s important to address any refrigerant leakage as soon as it’s detected.

Clogged Air Filters

Dirty air filters can lead to reduced cooling power. Depending on the type of filter, you’ll need to change it regularly or get a professional to clean and check it. This should be done on a seasonal basis to reduce problems associated with poor air circulation and clogged filters.

Blocked Air Vents & Ducts

Air vents and ducts can easily become clogged over time. Dust, debris, and pollen build-up can leave your air circulation system severely impacted. To avoid blockages, you should regularly schedule inspections of air ducts, air vents, and other parts of the system.

Failed Compressors

The compressor of your AC system is responsible for regulating temperatures in your home. If it’s damaged or worn, it can lead to reduced cool air output and higher electricity bills. To avoid the cost, disruption, and inconvenience of a major compressor failure, you should schedule regular inspections and maintenance of the system.

Put Your Air Conditioning Concerns To Rest

If your AC worries are causing you sleepless nights, let us help. At Local Reliable Appliance Repair, we are committed to helping homeowners keep their air conditioning systems running in top shape. We provide comprehensive services and check-ups that maximize efficiency, safety, and longevity.

We’ve been providing expert AC repair services for years, and there’s no issue we can’t handle. From refrigerant leaks and compressor problems to filter changes and duct repairs, no job is too small — or too complex.

If the climate inside your home isn’t living up to your expectations, then get in touch with us. Our team provides prompt and friendly services that are designed with your needs and satisfaction in mind. So, if you’re unhappy about the way your AC is performing, don’t wait: contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 today, and let us help you get your air conditioning system back to its best.

AC Not Cooling Enough? We'll Diagnose and Fix the Issue
AC Not Cooling Enough? We'll Diagnose and Fix the Issue
AC Not Cooling Enough? We'll Diagnose and Fix the Issue

AC Not Cooling Enough: Manufacturer and Expert Recommendations

Although many people rely on their air conditioning systems as a source of comfort, unfortunately, it is not uncommon for them to experience issues with their systems not providing enough cool air when needed. Fortunately, there are steps both consumers and experts can take to help avoid this issue. This article will provide manufacturer and expert recommendations regarding preventive action to take in order to avoid AC not cooling enough issues.

Check Your Vortex

One of the first things both manufacturers and experts recommend when it comes to ensuring your air conditioner is running properly is to inspect the outdoor compressor or “vortex.” A poorly maintained or clogged vortex can cause the AC to function poorly and lead to cooling issues. Therefore, checking over your outdoor compressor or vortex is an important step to make sure your unit is functioning properly.

Adjust the Thermostat

As individuals occasionally differ on their desired temperature settings for the AC, it is often a good idea to double check the thermostat settings to make sure they are accurate. If the thermostat is set too high, it can obviously result in the AC not cooling the room down to a desired temperature, resulting in cooling issues that can be remedied with a simple thermostat adjustment.

Clean Your Filters

Cleaning your air conditioner filters on a regular basis is also an important preventive measure, as a dirty filter can inhibit air flow and cause the unit not to cool to the desired temperature. Manufacturers generally recommend checking, sanitizing, and/or replacing your filters every one to three months. Neglecting to clean the filter can lead to a decrease in your AC’s cooling power.

Maintain the Exterior Unit

Ensuring that the exterior unit or cabinet is well-maintained is also an important preventive measure. Since the AC needs to be able to draw air from the outside, a dirty or blocked exterior unit can cause air conditioning issues. To prevent this, it is important to keep the outside unit and its surrounding area clean to ensure proper air flow.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, the most important preventive measure that can be taken when it comes to avoiding AC not cooling enough issues is keeping up with regular maintenance of your system. Manufacturers recommend having your system serviced by a qualified HVAC technician every one to two years, depending on the model and type of system.

A qualified HVAC technician can identify problems before they arise and provide advice on maintenance and troubleshooting. They can also make sure your system is leak and energy efficient, and can perform repairs if any problems are detected. Regular maintenance of your system is essential for avoiding any AC not cooling enough issues.

In conclusion, AC not cooling enough issues can be avoided by taking preventive measures such as checking your exterior vortex, inspecting and adjusting your thermostat, cleaning your filters, and maintaining the exterior unit. Moreover, the best way to avoid any problems with your AC is to make sure to keep up with regular maintenance appointments performed by a qualified HVAC technician.

Average Repair Cost for “AC Not Cooling Enough” Issue

Facing an AC not cooling enough issue can be frustrating, especially in the boiling heat of summer. However, there is no need to despair, as repair and installation of AC units is relatively straightforward and often somewhat affordable.

The average repair cost to rectify an AC not cooling enough issue in Florida is in the range of $100 to $160. The cost includes labor and the parts needed to restore the AC unit to full working order. Replacement parts required often consist of blower motors, thermostats, and thermostat fuses—all of which are in the price range of $10 to $50.

In the bustling metropolis of California, repair can be pricier and more complex. The hourly labor rate for a certified technician is likely to be higher, and the total cost of repair could be up to 20% more due to the high competition in the area.

Given the complexity of the job and the need for a trusted professional to do the repair, it is strongly recommended to reach out to a reliable AC specialist to get the job done. Call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590 for consultation. Their certified technicians will provide you with a free quote and be able to efficiently perform the necessary repairs at an affordable cost.

Is Your AC Not Cooling Enough?

If your air conditioning isn’t providing the level of cooling you’d like, you need to turn to the experts. Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned and operated business located in California and serving the local community. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing same-day service for appliance and HVAC repair and installations.

Reliable has a team of highly trained technicians, many with minimum 5 years of experience in the field. We always strive to provide fair, accurate, and affordable pricing. Plus, customers can rest assured that our technicians are licensed and insured, and we offer a 90-day warranty on all repairs.

When it comes to AC not cooling enough, you’ll find that our team is committed to helping you solve the problem quickly and efficiently. In no time at all, Reliable can have your air conditioner back up and running, providing the temperature relief that you’re looking for.

Call us today and let us show you why Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating should be your go-to source for AC repairs, maintenance, and installation. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in your home comfort journey!

FAQ – AC Not Cooling Enough? We’ll Diagnose and Fix the Issue

Why is my AC not cooling enough?

There can be many causes for an inadequate cooling system. The most common causes are clogged air filters, inadequate air flow caused by a closed air vent, incorrect temperatures set, or low levels of refrigerant.

How can I troubleshoot the issue?

Check if the air filters are dirty, replace if needed. Ensure each air vent is open and clear of furniture or other objects blocking the vents. Adjust the temperature of the AC to a cooler setting to see if this helps. Lastly, check the compressor for possible leakage, or low levels of refrigerant.

Who should I call if I have trouble troubleshooting?

If you are unable to troubleshoot the issue yourself, call a local, reliable appliance repair company. Experienced technicians will come equipped with the necessary tools and supplies to address the issue.

For quick, reliable, and dependable AC repair, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590.

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