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Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?

Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?

Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?

In the middle of the summer, the last thing you want to hear is that your AC compressor isn’t working. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many homeowners, and can be a tough issue to diagnose and fix. In order to diagnose the issue and find a good repair solution, it’s important to understand why your AC compressor isn’t running properly.

Common Reasons for an AC Compressor Not Working

There are many common reasons why your compressor may be malfunctioning. Generally, it will fall into one of three categories: mechanical issues, electrical errors, and refrigerant problems. The following are some of the most common issues that may cause a compressor to shut down.

Mechanical Issues

Mechanical issues are related to the physical components of the air conditioning system. This can include issues such as worn belts, broken hoses, and dirty filters. If any of these components malfunction, it can cause the compressor to fail.

Electrical Problems

An electrical problem can be caused by a blown fuse or electrical shorts. If your compressor is not getting enough power, it can lead to your unit not functioning properly. Additionally, any electrical issues can be dangerous if not handled by a qualified electrician.

Refrigerant Problems

Refrigerant is what enables your AC system to cool your home. Low levels of refrigerant or a refrigerant leak can prevent a compressor from working properly. If you suspect a leak, contact a qualified HVAC technician to diagnose the issue and find a solution.

Calling a Professional for Help

Although there are some steps you can take on your own to troubleshoot your AC unit, most compressor issues require the expertise of a professional repair technician. An experienced technician will be able to identify the issue quickly and take the necessary steps to keep your home comfortable in the summer.

If you have an AC compressor that isn’t working, contact a local, reliable appliance repair service right away. An experienced technician will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently, so you and your family can be back to enjoying cool air in your home in no time. Don’t let a broken AC compressor cause uncomfortable, unbearably hot days. Contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 to get started!

Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?
Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?
Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?

AC Compressor Not Working: Preventive Action

Nothing ruins an otherwise nice summer day like an air conditioner failing to cool your home. An AC compressor not working is a common issue, but there are steps you can take to ensure your compressor and air conditioning system are running properly and for longer. Here are a few manufacturer recommendations, local appliance companies, or HVAC technicians’ suggestions for preventive action to avoid an AC compressor not working issue.

Check the Circuit Breaker

The first step to determine if your compressor has stopped working is to check the circuit breaker. Air conditioner compressors require a large amount of electricity, and if the circuit breaker has been tripped, the compressor will not function properly. If this is the case, use a voltage meter to check whether power is flowing correctly through the circuit breaker to the compressor.

Ensure Proper Drainage

Compressor failure can be caused by poor drainage. If water builds up around your compressor, it can easily overheat and stop working. Once a year, check to make sure the drainage line is clear and unblocked.

Clear the Cooling Coils

The cooling coils in an air conditioner are responsible for removing heat from the air and cooling your home. If the coils become dirty or clogged, the system may not be able to efficiently take heat out of the air. To keep your system running efficiently, it’s important to inspect and clean the coils once or twice a year.

Check the Compressor’s Lubrication

The compressor in your air conditioner requires lubrication to reduce friction between the parts. If the lubricant is low or not circulating properly, the compressor can overheat and eventually stop working. To avoid this issue, have an HVAC technician check the lubricant levels in your compressor every year.

Keep the Condenser Clean

The condenser is responsible for circulating the refrigerant in your system. If the condenser becomes clogged or dirty, the system may not be able to cycle properly, which can cause your compressor to overheat and stop working. To keep your condenser in top shape, it is important to clean the coils and fins regularly.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your air conditioner and avoid any unexpected breakdowns. Having an HVAC technician inspect your system and perform necessary repairs on a yearly basis can ensure that your air conditioner is running efficiently and safely.

By following these simple tips and having regular maintenance performed, you can ensure that your air conditioner remains in good working order and can continue to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you are still having problems with your AC compressor not working properly, consider reaching out to a local appliance company or HVAC technician for assistance.

Advice on the Average Repair Cost for an AC Compressor Issue

Average repair cost for an AC compressor that is not working can vary depending on the complexity of the repair, the parts necessary, and the location. In the California area, the minimum repair or installation cost is 20% higher than normal, but the potential cost could be much higher depending on the specific circumstances.

If the repair requires multiple necessary parts and complex services, the price can quickly add up. Possible necessary parts include a blower motor, condenser, Freon, compatible thermostat, and other important components.

As most air conditioning repairs involve working with intricate wires, multiple parts, and a level of expertise, it is important to find an experienced, reliable, and honest contractor. The cost of materials and labor can fluctuate depending on the contractor, too.

If an AC repair is needed in the California area, we highly recommend contacting Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590. Their team of experienced professionals will help determine the needed repairs, and provide an accurate cost estimate.

Dealing with AC Compressor Not Working?

Are you dealing with an AC compressor that isn’t functioning properly? Don’t postpone calling for professional help! California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating can come to your rescue with same-day service for all appliance and HVAC repair and installations.

This family-owned business offers certified and insured technicians with a minimum of 5 years experience in the field. They can quickly determine the issue and get your AC compressor running again, with fair and affordable pricing. Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating offers a 90-day limited warranty on all repairs.

When you choose California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, you’ll benefit from their:
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Don’t wait any longer to have your AC compressor examined. For reliable and dependable service, contact California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating today!


Q: Why Is My AC Compressor Not Working?

A: The AC compressor not working may be due to a damaged compressor, a clogged filter, damaged wiring, or a faulty thermostat. It might also indicate a refrigerant leak, or a faulty capacitor or relay.

Q: What Should I Do If My AC Compressor Is Not Working?

A: If your AC compressor is not working, the best option is to consult a professional. A malfunctioning compressor needs to be tested and inspected by an experienced technician, and all potential problems must be identified and fixed. If a refrigerant leak is found, repairs must be performed by a certified professional.

If you suspect your AC compressor not working, it is best to call a reputable, local reliable appliance repair service like Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 to ensure that the job is done correctly.

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