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What to Do When Your AC Doesn't Respond to the Thermostat

What to Do When Your AC Doesn’t Respond to the Thermostat

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What to Do When Your AC Doesn’t Respond to the Thermostat

When the weather gets hot during summer months, nothing is more refreshing than a cool home cooled by an air conditioning (AC) unit. Though it is expected that your AC unit will work efficiently, there are times when it may fail to respond to the thermostat adjustments you make. When that happens, it’s important to understand why the issue is happening, and take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

Understanding the Problem

If your AC unit isn’t responding to the thermostat, the first step is to pinpoint the exact issue. Typically, problems in responding to thermostat adjustments can be caused by power, thermostat wiring, or air flow issues. In some cases, the issue may be with the thermostat itself.

In the case of a power issue, check to make sure that the AC unit is plugged in. Make sure you check the circuit breaker or fuse box, as the AC unit could be a tripped circuit. Another common power problem is a malfunctioning thermostat, which could be causing the AC unit failure to respond. Check the batteries and replace if necessary as a possible fix. Adjusting the furnace setting should also be considered if the temperature isn’t shifting.

If the power supply to the AC unit is okay and it still isn’t responding, inspect the air flow and the air filter. If the air filter and air flow seem clean and have not been replaced for some time, it is likely time for a change. When blocked, the air flow is restricted and your AC cannot work properly. If the air filter seems okay and your AC isn’t responding, it may be due to a connection issue. It is possible the connection between the thermostat and the unit is not working, or that the wiring to the thermostat is not connected correctly.

Professional Help

If your AC isn’t responding to the thermostat and you can’t find an easy fix through the troubleshooting steps outlined above, it’s time to contact a professional. Appliance repairs can be a complex process and it’s best to turn to an expert to identify the exact issue and ensure a successful repair. Make sure you choose a trusted local reliable appliance repair service to recreate a comfortable living environment in your home.

When you call a professional, the technician will ask questions about the AC unit, any recent upgrades and the manufacturers’ information. Providing as much information as possible will help the technician to provide a successful repair. The technician will then provide an estimate and explain a solution.

Simple Solutions

Before calling a professional, there are a few simple solutions you can try. If your AC is not responding to your thermostat and you’ve determined it’s due to an incorrect wiring issue, then use a multimeter to double check the wiring for shorts or opens. Your AC will work more efficiently if you adjust the temperature a few degrees higher in the summer and lower in the winter, helping to decrease your energy bills and carbon footprint. You can also clean the air filter more often to prevent your AC unit from not responding.

If your AC isn’t responding to your thermostat and you can’t seem to find the cause, it is best to contact a professional appliance repair service. Taking the proper steps to troubleshoot and repair the issue can help you save money and get your unit working efficiently again. Local Reliable Appliance Repair can help youOutrank and get your problem solved quickly and easily. Call (866) 311-8590 or visit the website to schedule an appointment today.

What to Do When Your AC Doesn't Respond to the Thermostat
What to Do When Your AC Doesn't Respond to the Thermostat
What to Do When Your AC Doesn't Respond to the Thermostat

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AC Not Responding to Thermostat: How to Prevent Issues

Keeping consistent temperatures in your home is paramount during the California summer, and ensuring your air conditioner (AC) responds to your thermostat is key. There are a number of preventive actions you can take to make sure your AC is not only responding to your thermostat, but running efficiently. From making the recommended updates to your unit to working with local companies and HVAC technicians, there are many ways to guarantee your AC not responding to the thermostat is not a problem.

Finding the Right Unit

One of the most important factors when avoiding AC not responding to thermostat issues is making sure you have the right unit for your space. An HVAC technician can make sure you receive an AC unit of the right size, whether you need a unit for a single-room or an entire house. It is also important to buy a unit of the right quality. Shoddy units may run into problems more often, and hiring an HVAC technician to inspect the unit prior to purchase canmake sure you are getting the highest quality that meets your needs.

Regular Maintenance

Throughout the home AC’s lifetime, regular preventative maintenance can help stop anything from wear and tear from creating problems due to AC not responding to the thermostat. This includes the utmost routine maintenance: an HVAC technician should inspect the AC at least once a year, and replace any clogged filters, worn parts, or other problems that can arise. AC maintenance can also include looking for worn seals, troubleshooting airflow, and cleaning components like the condenser coils.


In conjunction with regular maintenance, keeping the AC unit clean is important. This can be done by vacuuming the inside unit, removing the outdoor unit’s casing and cleaning the fan, coils, and compressor. Cleaning the area around the outdoor unit, such as debris and debris may also help to keep the unit in good condition.

Updating the Thermostat

Sometimes the reason your AC not responding to the thermostat may not be due to a problem with the unit itself, but rather an issue with the thermostat itself. Thermostat malfunctions can happen over time, so it is important to ensure you have an up-to-date thermostat. Many smart thermostats can be updated with the latest software for increased efficiency, and if you are using a modern, programmable thermostat, it is a good idea to make sure the device is programmed correctly.

Working With Reliable Companies

The easiest way to avoid AC not responding to the thermostat issues is to work with a reliable appliance or HVAC company. These companies provide both sales and services for your AC unit and can help with anything from purchasing and installation of units, to regular maintenance and repair. In addition to giving you peace of mind, working with a knowledgeable company can provide you with effective solutions to any AC problems you may be facing.

If you are having any issues with your AC not responding to the thermostat, or you need help getting an AC unit of the right size or quality, it is best to call a local reliable air conditioning and heating provider. At (866) 311-8590, our certified technicians can walk you through any issues you are having or questions you may have. With years of experience, they can help to prevent any AC not responding to the thermostat issues before they arise. Contact us today to get the reliable advice and solutions you need.

Average Repair Cost for “AC Not Responding to Thermostat” Issue

If your A/C isn’t responding to your thermostat, the repair cost can vary greatly depending on the type of system, any underlying parts failures, as well as the city in which you live.

On the lower end, the overall repair cost – including parts, labor, and any additional fees – is usually between $100 and $200. This figure is assuming that you live in the city of California, and the estimated part prices have increased by 20%.

The cost of installing a new system in the same area, however, can be much costlier. This is because the process of installation involves more than just getting rid of your previous A/C system. You’ll also have to pay for the removal of your old system, the installation of a new one, accessories like insulation or ductwork, and the potential for additional wiring. All in all, you could be looking at costs ranging from $2,500 – $4,000.

In terms of what parts may be necessary to repair your current system, they may vary significantly. It could be anything from a brand new fan motor, capacitor, or blower assembly, to more expensive components like a circuit board or compressor. As such, it is recommended that you contact a local, reliable A/C and Heating service like Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for a more accurate cost analysis.

In summary, the average repair cost for an A/C not responding to the thermostat can range from $100 – $200 if the root cause is clear and parts prices in California have increased by 20%. If the entire system needs to be replaced, however, costs may be as high as $2,500 – $4,000. Regardless, the safest and most reliable way to budget for a repair or installation is to contact a local, professional A/C and Heating service to get an accurate quote.

AC Not Responding to Thermostat: Summary and Finalization

Having an air conditioning system that won’t respond to thermostat settings can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, homeowners in California can rely on the services of Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating.

Reliable is a family-owned company dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and top-quality HVAC services. Their team of certified professionals have a minimum of 5 years of experience, meaning you can trust that you’ll receive repairs that last. Plus, all repairs come with a 90-day warranty.

At Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, customers can expect same-day service, licensed technicians, and fair pricing. Whether your air conditioner isn’t responding to your thermostat, is leaking coolant, or requires a more detailed repair, they make it their mission to quickly and expertly diagnose and fix the issue.

When it comes to AC not responding to thermostat, you can rest easy knowing that help is only a phone call away. Contact Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for reliable and affordable HVAC services.

Frequently Asked Questions about AC not Responding to the Thermostat

What could be the cause of an AC not responding to the thermostat?

There are several causes for an AC not responding to the thermostat. These include a faulty thermostat, wiring problems, thermostat settings, dirty filters, and a malfunctioning compressor.

How do I check for a faulty thermostat?

To determine if the thermostat is malfunctioning, check the display to see if the correct temperature is reflected. Additionally, install new batteries in the unit and reset any misaligned settings.

What should I do if there is a wiring issue?

If wiring is the issue, inspect all connections and wiring for damage or loose connections. Ensure the correct wire gauge is used and contact an electrician if the problem persists.

How do I adjust the thermostat settings?

Adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature. Check the fan speed to see if it’s set to “auto” or “on”; if it’s “auto”, the system may not turn on until the temperature rises.

How often should I clean or replace the filters?

AC filters should be changed every two to three months, as dirty filters can cause the system to overwork and shut down.

What should I do if the compressor is malfunctioning?

If the compressor is the culprit, call a reputable technician to inspect and repair the unit.

If you still have questions or need help diagnosing and repairing your AC, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590.

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