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What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner

What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner

What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner

Goodman Air Conditioner units have been in production for many years now, providing homeowners with reliable cooling solutions that offer maximum comfort. Whether you’re in the market for a packaged air conditioner, a split system, or a mini-split air conditioner, there are a few key points you need to consider before making the plunge and having a Goodman unit installed in your home.

Available Options

Goodman offers a wide variety of air conditioning units for residential and commercial use. The most popular models are dealer installed split-system air conditioners, split-system heat pumps, packaged units, ductless units, dual capacity units and mini-splits. When selecting an air conditioner, be sure to find the model that fits both your cooling needs and your budget.

Installation Requirements

Before purchasing a Goodman air conditioner, ensure that your home or commercial space meets proper electrical and ductwork requirements. As with all air conditioners, it’s important that the unit is properly installed to ensure safe and efficient operation. Also keep in mind that most electric codes require the use of a licensed electrician to connect any electrical wiring to Goodman units.

Noise and Efficiency Ratings

Air conditioners are rated by both their noise level and their efficiency. While measuring an air conditioner’s noise level is rather straightforward, its efficiency is more complex. Efficiency is rated using an SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) number. In general, the higher the SEER number, the lower the energy consumption and operating cost. Check with your local energy commission to determine the SEER requirements of your geographic region.


Goodman units come with the necessary fittings and hoses already installed. Options such as fresh air intakes, electronic air cleaners, and waterproof grills are also available. Homeowners may wish to invest in additional noise reduction accessories such as wall plenums, ceiling plenums, roof grilles, and condenser pads.


Proper maintenance is essential to ensure efficient operation of your Goodman air conditioner. Filter changes, cleaning of the condenser coil, and checking the levels of refrigerant are all important parts of air conditioner maintenance. In addition, it’s important to have your Goodman unit inspected by a certified HVAC contractor at least once a year to ensure it is operating properly.

Warranty and Rebates

Goodman air conditioners come with a 10-year parts limited warranty, as well as a warranty on the compressor. Local utility companies and organizations often offer rebates based on the efficiency of the unit. Homeowners should check with their local utility company for detailed information about available rebates.

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient and cost-effective air conditioner, consider investing in a Goodman unit. With so many models, accessories, and other options to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find the best air conditioner to fit all your needs. Be sure to do your research and double-check your installation requirements before purchasing any Goodman unit. And as always, if you require any help while installing or maintaining your Goodman product, remember to give your local, reliable appliance repair a call at (866) 311-8590.

What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner
What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner
What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner

Preventive Action to Avoid Goodman Air Conditioner Issues

Goodman Air Conditioners are designed for efficient, effective cooling, but preventive action can help avoid issues from arising. This article outlines the manufacturer’s recommendations and best practices that local appliance companies and HVAC technicians offer to help ensure a successful Goodman Air Conditioner installation and long life.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Goodman Air Conditioners must be installed and maintained according to specifications, including:

  • Ensure proper power supply – check wiring, fuses, and breakers to ensure proper power.
  • Attach to ductwork securely – ductwork should be properly sized to support airflow.
  • Proper refrigerant levels – inspect the refrigerant lines to make sure they are properly pressurized.
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils – coils should be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure proper cooling.
  • Replace filters regularly – clean or replace filters at least every three months to ensure optimal performance.

Local Appliance Company Recommendations

Local appliance companies can provide additional information and advice for installing and maintaining Goodman Air Conditioners, such as:

  • Install and use annual maintenance contracts – contact a local appliance company to discuss the best option for your system.
  • Install a thermostat with programming capabilities – program the thermostat to run the air conditioner during off-peak hours for maximum efficiency.
  • Install a service valve prior to installation – a service valve should be installed between the compressor and condenser coil to aid in troubleshooting any issues.
  • Install a surge protector – air conditioner motors can be damaged by power outages. A surge protector will protect the motor from overload.

HVAC Technician Recommendations

HVAC technicians can provide detailed advice to homeowners on installation and maintenance of Goodman Air Conditioners. They can recommend:

  • Install a water overflow shutoff valve – this valve will prevent water overflow in the event of a drain clog.
  • Install a timer to reduce system run time – a timer can be used to turn the system on and off at specific times.
  • Perform annual maintenance – an annual maintenance check can help ensure the system is running properly and detect any potential issues.
  • Periodically check the system for leaks – leaks can decrease the efficiency and performance of the system.

By following the manufacturer’s recommendations and local appliance company and HVAC technician advice, homeowners can help ensure a successful Goodman Air Conditioner installation and long life. Taking preventive action to avoid issues before they arise can help prevent costly repairs and problems in the future.

Average Repair Cost for Goodman Air Conditioner Issues

Investing in quality air conditioning can bring you a lot of comfort during the hot months. However, it also requires maintenance and repairs to keep it up and running. Therefore, if you have a Goodman air conditioner, you should be aware of the average repair cost.

In California, the minimum repair or installation cost is typically around $250. This is assuming that prices have gone up 20% since the last time the AC was serviced. Complex repairs and installations usually cost more, but it depends on the scope of the job.

Furthermore, some of the components and parts that may need to be replaced as part of your repair can include the evaporator coil, air handler, condenser coil, blower, thermostat, and wiring. The cost of these materials can vary, so it is best to consult a trusted, local heating and AC contractor for an exact quote.

For reliable and affordable Goodman air conditioner repair services in California, call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at 866-311-8590. Their team of technicians will assess the issue and provide you with a fair and accurate estimate of the repair cost.

The Advantages of Goodman Air Conditioner & Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating

Goodman Air Conditioner offers safe, reliable and top-quality air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial cooling needs. It provides efficient operations with quiet operation, a long-term warranty of up to 10 years, and low-cost installation and maintenance. In addition, customers can benefit from the convenience of dealing with a local California business for installation and repair.

Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned, full-service HVAC provider based in California. With more than five years of experience, the company’s highly-trained technicians offer same-day appliance and HVAC repair and installation using Goodman Air Conditioner. All services are Licensed and Insured and come with a 90-day warranty on all repairs.

Whether you’re seeking installation of a new air conditioning system, repairs and maintenance, or emergency service, you can rely on Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. Our certified technicians offer timely and cost-effective solutions that come with excellent service and fair pricing.

For your convenience, Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is available around the clock on all days of the week. Contact us today and experience the comfort, reliability, and energy savings of Goodman Air Conditioning solutions.

FAQ on Goodman Air Conditioner

What to Consider Before Installing a Goodman Air Conditioner?

  1. Professional installation: It’s important to hire a qualified technician that is familiar with Goodman Air Conditioners and HVAC systems.
  2. Proper size: To make sure your system works properly and efficiently, calculate the proper AC size for your home.
  3. Ventilation: Make sure your patio, attic, and other areas are ventilated correctly to get the most out of your air conditioner.
  4. Insulation: Ensure your ceiling and walls are well insulated to preserve the cool air produced by the air conditioner.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Goodman AC?

  1. Energy efficiency: Goodman AC models are rated high in energy efficiency and can help reduce your electricity bill.
  2. Quiet operation: Most Goodman air conditioners use quiet compressors and running noise is minimized.
  3. Durability: Goodman air conditioners are built with quality components and are backed by a solid warranty.
  4. Safety: Goodman models come pre-programmed with many safety functions to help prevent issues such as overheating and fire.

If you have any other questions or need assistance with installing your Goodman air conditioner, please call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for professional help.

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