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Strange smell from your central AC? Here are solutions

Strange smell from your central AC? Here are solutions

Strange Smell from Your Central AC? Here Are Solutions

If you’re noticing a strange smell coming from your central air conditioning unit (AC), you may be concerned that something is wrong. As you know, proper maintenance and care of your AC are essential for ensuring it runs smoothly and safely.

The good news is that strange smells can often be solved with simple DIY repairs. In this article, we’ll discuss the most common odors that may be present in your AC unit and explore the potential solutions. Let’s get started!

Common Odors from Your Central AC

The first step in troubleshooting the strange odor is to determine what type of smell it is. Here are some of the most common odors you may be dealing with and their associated causes:

Musty Odor

If you notice a musty, mildew-like odor, you may be dealing with mold or bacteria growth in your AC unit. Both of these issues can be caused by inadequate insulation, poor circulation, or the accumulation of moisture in the system due to excessive condensation.

To address this issue, you should look into having insulation installed around the unit, ensuring that all ducts and vents are adequately sealed, and having a professional inspect and clean the air conditioner if necessary.

Burning Smell

A burning or metallic odor is often the result of an electrical short or a clogged filter. To solve the problem, you should first check your filter and replace it if necessary. If the problem persists, you should call a professional, as a short can potentially be dangerous.

Gas Smell

If you smell gas, the issue is likely with your AC’s gas line. In this case, you should call in a certified technician immediately. Gas leaks can be extremely hazardous and must be addressed as soon as possible.

Preventing Future Odors

In addition to identifying and addressing the strange odor in your AC, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to prevent future odors from developing. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Maintain your AC by cleaning filters regularly
  • Ensure proper airflow through all ducts and vents
  • Check to make sure the unit is properly insulated
  • Have your air conditioner professionally inspected every year

By taking these steps, you can rest assured that your AC is running as efficiently and safely as possible.


If you are experiencing a strange smell coming from your central AC, it is important to troubleshoot the issue right away. First, identify the type of smell and then take the necessary steps to solve the problem. Additionally, taking preventative measures such as maintaining your AC, inspecting it regularly, and having it professionally serviced can help keep it running smoothly and prevent odors from developing in the future.

If you are unable to identify or solve the issue, it is best to call in a reliable appliance repair service. Such a service can properly diagnose your AC and ensure any needed repairs are done safely and correctly.
For expert repair, contact Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590.

Strange smell from your central AC? Here are solutions
Strange smell from your central AC? Here are solutions
Strange smell from your central AC? Here are solutions

Strange Smell from Central AC

Central air systems come with a variety of set up options and designs, and it can be confusing when trying to avoid a strange smell emanating from them. The best way to ensure you don’t encounter this problem is to follow manufacturer and HVAC technician recommendations for preventive action. Here are a few tips to follow when dealing with strange smells coming from your central AC.

Basic Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your central AC is one of the most important things you can do to avoid strange smells. Make sure to check and clean the air filter at least once every three months, and always schedule a yearly tune-up and inspection of your unit by a local, reliable HVAC technician. This will help to catch small problems before they become larger and more costly to fix.

Dealing with Wetness and Mold

If you notice wetness or mold near your central AC system, it’s important to address the problem promptly and effectively. Mold is a serious health hazard and can quickly spread and cause further problems. Investing in a dehumidifier can help to reduce moisture and controlling the humidity in your home, which can be an effective way to combat mold.

Leak Protection

Making sure to check for any signs of leaking is an important way to avoid strange smells and potential water damage in your home. If your unit is leaking, it could suggest that it needs tightening, sealing or refilling, so it’s worth having a local technician inspect the system before more serious issues arise.

Keep Air Vents Clear

Your central AC system needs proper airflow to function properly, and the presence of obstructions can cause a strange smell. Make sure to inspect and vacuum air vents regularly to remove dust and grime, and if necessary, use caulk to seal off any space around the unit to stop air from escaping.

Advanced Cleanings

From time to time, it’s worth investing in professional maintenance and cleanings for your central AC system. This can help to remove any built-up contaminants from your unit, which could be the source of any strange smells you may be experiencing.

Installing an Air Purifier

Certain air purifiers, like activated carbon systems, can be used to absorb any unfamiliar smells coming from the central AC. These can be installed in HVAC systems and can help to reduce strange odors.

Taking preventive measures, such as regular maintenance and cleaning, can go a long way in avoiding strange smells coming from your central AC. By following these simple tips and investing in professional maintenance and cleaning services, you can help ensure that your central AC is working efficiently and effectively, free from any strange smells.

Average Cost of “Strange Smell From Central AC”

Dealing with a strange smell from your central AC is not only worrisome, it can be costly. To help you stay ahead of the game and understand what a repair might cost you, here’s a breakdown of average repair costs in California.

Minimum Repair Cost: Depending on the severity of the issue, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $600 for basic repairs. This will usually include repairing minor issues such as clogged air filters, worn belts, and cracked lines.

Complex Repair Cost: If you’re dealing with deeper issues such as motor faults, compressor leaks, and electrical issues, you may be looking at paying anywhere between $500 and $2,500. This price can fluctuate depending on whether any new parts or material must be purchased.

Cost of Materials: It is essential to factor in the price of any necessary materials or parts. This can include new air filters, rigging materials, or a new compressor. You can expect to add anywhere between $50 and $2,500 to your repair bill depending on what is needed.

When it comes to dealing with a strange smell coming from your central AC, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of a reliable HVAC technician. To help you take the first step, call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590.

Strange Smell from Central AC

Strange smells from your central AC can be indicative of an underlying problem. While it is never a good idea to ignore such odors, it is best to hire a professional to inspect the AC and address any issues. California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is the perfect partner for this task.

Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned business, located in Los Angeles and servicing the entire California region that specializes in HVAC repair and installation. All their technicians have a minimum of 5 years of experience and are highly trained in dealing with strange smells from ACs. The company is also licensed, insured and offers same-day service.

Reliable offers fair and affordable pricing, and refers to a target price when making a specific repair to ensure that the customer is aware of the exact costs associated with the repair. They also provide a 90-day warranty on all repairs and calculations, giving the customer peace of mind.

For those dealing with strange smells from their central AC, California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is qualified to handle it fast and reliably. Their experienced team has the technical expertise to address any AC issues you may have. Contact them for honest and experienced service today.

Strange Smell from Central AC FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What could cause a strange smell from my central AC?

A strange smell from your central AC could be caused by several factors including a buildup of dust, dirt, and pet dander, as well as faulty electrical components, or coolant leaks.

What should I do if I smell something strange from my central AC?

If you notice a strange smell when using your central AC, first try cleaning the filters and the coils of the unit to remove any trapped dirt, dust, and pet dander. If the smell still remains, it may be indicative of a more serious issue such as a faulty electrical component or a coolant leak. It is recommended to contact a local and reliable appliance repair service.

How can I clean my central AC to get rid of a bad smell?

In order to clean your central AC and remove a bad smell, first close the vents and shut off the power to the unit. Vacuum the registers, grills, and the coils of the unit, as well as any nearby ductwork. Change the air filter and replace it with a new one after cleaning. Lastly, remove any accumulated debris from the unit’s drain line by flushing it with a solution of warm water and vinegar.

What is the best way to prevent a strange smell from returning?

To prevent a strange smell from your central AC from returning, ensure that the unit is regularly cleaned and maintained. Change the air filter every 1-3 months and keep the area around the unit free of debris. If any issues are noticed, contact a local and reliable appliance repair service as soon as possible.

For any further questions regarding strange smells from your central AC, it is recommended to call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for prompt and reliable service.

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