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Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors

Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors

Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors

Goodman AC (Air Conditioning) capicitor replacement is arguably one of the more overlooked maintenance needs in a home or business. The capacitor is an essential component of a modern air conditioning system and can cause a variety of malfunctions if not replaced in a timely manner. In this guide, we’ll discuss the importance of proper capacitor replacement and provide troubleshooting tips for recognising the signs that it’s time for a new capacitor for your Goodman AC unit.

What Is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is basically an electrical component with two surfaces made of copper plates and placed in an electrically conductive liquid such as oil or water. Its purpose is to help maintain a stable current flow. Over time, the capacitor in your Goodman AC unit starts to build up with stored power which, in turn, causes a decrease in the heater or air conditioner’s efficiency. That’s when it’s time to replace the capacitor.

Why is Capacitor Replacement Important?

Replacing a capacitor is an important step in the maintenance and repair of Goodman AC units. Not only will it restore the efficiency of your unit and result in more reliable performance, but it can also help reduce electricity bills. If a faulty capacitor is left unattended, it can short out the electrical circuit and cause severe damage to the unit. In some cases, this could even result in an insurance claim that is more costly than replacing the capacitor.

How to Tell If It’s Time for a Capacitor Replacement

It’s not always easy to tell when it’s time to replace a capacitor in a Goodman AC unit, but there are a few common signs to watch out for. For instance, if the unit is taking a long time to cool down a room or if it’s turning off and on again frequently, then you may need to replace the capacitor. Another sign is if you’re hearing a buzzing sound coming from the unit, which is usually caused by a faulty capacitor. Often, replacing the capacitor is all it takes to get your Goodman AC unit up and running again.

Finding the Right Capacitor

Once you’ve determined that your Goodman AC unit needs a capacitor replacement, the next step is to find the right one for your unit. This requires an assessment of the type, size, and voltage of your unit. It will also require measuring the current in your Goodman AC unit and the maximum amperage rating of the capacitor’s recommendations to ensure that you buy the right one for your system.


The installation process for a capacitor is relatively simple. However, it should always be handled by a qualified technician to ensure that it’s done correctly. The technician will need to disconnect the wiring, unscrew the capacitor, and remove it from the unit. Then they’ll need to wire in the new capacitor, screw it back in, and attach the wiring. Finally, they’ll need to test the unit to make sure that the new capacitor is running correctly.

Maintaining Your Goodman AC Unit

The best way to ensure your Goodman AC unit runs efficiently and reliably is to keep up with routine maintenance, such as periodic inspections and filter changes. Replacing the capacitor should also be done on a regular basis to ensure proper cooling efficiency.

If you’re in need of a Goodman AC capacitor replacement, it’s important to contact an experienced and qualified HVAC technician. Local Reliable Appliance Repair is the best bet for professional service and competitive rates. With a team of certified technicians, extensive experience in air conditioner repairs, and friendly customer service, they’re the go-to choice for Goodman AC capacitor replacements. Call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 to book an appointment today.

Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors
Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors
Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors

Goodman AC Capacitor Replacement – Tips for Prevention

When it comes to Goodman air conditioning (AC) capacitor replacement, preventive action is the best and safest course of action. To help ensure that a Goodman AC capacitor replacement issue doesn’t arise, manufacturers’ and local appliance companies’ recommendations, as well as those of an experienced HVAC technician, should be followed. Here are some important tips for preventing Goodman AC capacitor replacement issues.

Manufacturer Recommendations

First and foremost, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when selecting, installing, and maintaining Goodman AC capacitors. When selecting a capacitor for replacement, the capacitor must match the specifications of the air conditioning unit exactly. This includes the exact voltage, capacitance, and physical size of the capacitor specified by the manufacturer.

Additionally, the installation of Goodman AC capacitors must be done by a qualified technician according to manufacturer specifications. All wires and terminals must be securely connected and the unit must be adequately grounded. Furthermore, any capacitors that are purchased separately must be the specialized type that is made for the Goodman AC unit.

Finally, AC capacitors must be regularly maintained. This includes occasionally visually inspecting the capacitor for signs of decay, corrosion, and burned or melted components. Additionally, capacitors must be tested on a regular basis using an electronic capacitance-testing device.

Local Appliance Company and HVAC Technician Recommendations

It’s important to obtain expert advice from a local appliance company or licensed HVAC technician when dealing with Goodman AC capacitor replacement. A licensed technician can inspect the existing unit, analyze the situation, and provide advice about the best capacitor to be used for replacement.

Moreover, to avoid short-cycling, a licensed technician should be consulted about the appropriate value of the capacitor and whether a capacitor must be replaced at all. Short-cycling is caused by an insufficiently low capacitance value, which can cause the contactor of the system to frequently turn off, resulting in more energy being consumed than necessary.

Furthermore, a qualified technician should install the capacitor. During the installation, the integrity of the capacitor housing, connections, and electrical wiring must be verified by the technician. Lastly, the technician should run a final diagnostic after installation to ensure that the system is up and running smoothly.


To ensure that Goodman AC capacitor replacement issues don’t arise, it’s essential to follow all manufacturer instructions, as well as recommendations from a local appliance company and qualified HVAC technician. This includes selecting the right capacitor, ensuring that it is installed properly by a qualified technician, and properly maintaining the capacitor. Following these preventive measures can help ensure that Goodman AC capacitor replacement is done quickly and correctly the first time.

Repair Cost for Goodman AC Capacitor Replacement

If you’re facing an issue with a Goodman AC capacitor, you may be worried about the cost of repair or installation. The average cost of replacement can differ depending on your region and the complexity of the job. In California, the minimum repair or installation cost, accounting for a 20% increase in prices, could be around $250, while complex repairs or installations may cost as much as $650.

The necessary parts and materials can include a new capacitor, a relay, wire connectors, and more, depending on the complexity of the repair. It’s important to call a reliable air conditioning and heating specialist to discuss the itemized list which could include labor costs. The cost for materials will depend on the type and quality of the parts needed for the repair.

It’s always wise to get the best professional advice on this type of issue. Rather than attempting the repair yourself, contacting a reliable HVAC service provider like Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590 is the best solution. You can rest assured knowing there’s a local team of highly-trained technicians to help solve your Goodman AC capacitor issue.

Goodman AC Capacitor Replacement: Enjoy Local California Expertise

When your air conditioning system needs a capacitor replacement, don’t look any further than Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. We are a family-owned local business from California and offer same-day repair and installation services for HVAC and appliances across the area. Our licensed, insured technicians have at least five years of experience in the field, so you can count on us for Goodman AC capacitor replacement.

We understand how important it is for you to get quick, affordable and reliable service, and we are here to help. Our technicians are well-trained and use the best quality materials to ensure a long-lasting repair. We charge affordable and fair pricing, which makes us one of the more cost-effective companies in the state. And to further guarantee your satisfaction, we offer a generous 90-day warranty on all repairs.

When you choose Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for Goodman AC capacitor replacement, you can expect a safe, reliable and efficient repair. We promise to meet your highest expectations, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any of your repair needs.

FAQ – Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors and Goodman AC Capacitor Replacement

What Is a Capacitor Used For in an Air Conditioner?

A capacitor is a key component of air conditioning systems. It stores electrical energy and helps to increase the efficiency of the system. It can also be used to start motors associated with the system and to keep them running.

Can You Replace a Goodman AC Capacitor Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to replace a Goodman AC capacitor yourself. However, it is important to take safety precautions and be familiar with the proper techniques for handling electricity and other potential hazards. It is also important to have the right tools and to know how to properly size and install a new capacitor.

What Should Be Considered Before Replacing a Goodman AC Capacitor?

Before replacing a Goodman AC capacitor, it is important to turn off the power and unplug the unit. It is also important to take safety precautions and wear protective gloves while handling the capacitor. Additionally, it is important to use the correct size, rating, and voltage according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Goodman AC Capacitors?

Replacing a Goodman AC capacitor can improve the efficiency of the system and help keep it running longer. It can also extend the life of the system components, reduce operational costs, and help prevent future breakdowns.

For more information about Goodman AC capacitor replacement, please call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590.

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