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How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

A frozen evaporator is common during the hot days of summer when your air conditioner is running all the time. When this happens, there are a few steps you can take to fix the problem and extend the longevity of your air conditioner.

Identify the Problem

The first step in resolving your frozen evaporator is to identify the source of the problem. Common culprits are a clogged air filter, improperly installed ductwork, inadequate refrigerant levels, or insufficient outside air intake.

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is probably the easiest problem to check and possibly correct. If the air filter is clogged, it’s reducing airflow and causing the AC unit to work too hard, freezing the evaporator. Replace the filter with an appropriately-sized new one and make sure to check it every 30 days.

Inspect Ductwork

A qualified technician should inspect your ductwork for any kinks or gaps that can slow down or restrict the flow of air. Properly-placed dampers can also help ensure an optimal air flow.

Measure Refrigerant Pressure

The refrigerant pressure in an air conditioner is a delicate balancing act between flow and coolant level. If the pressure is too high, the refrigerant cannot absorb enough heat, resulting in a frozen evaporator. Also, make sure the refrigerant line is properly insulated to prevent condensation.

Check Outside Air Intake

If there is not enough outside air circulating into the condenser, it will return to the evaporator at an abnormally low temperature and will freeze it. Make sure that the outside air intake is open and free of debris.

Professional Repair

If all attempts to fix the frozen evaporator fail, it is time to call a professional AC repair service to diagnose and correct the problem. They will be able to pinpoint the issue and recommend a solution quickly. A reliable and experienced appliance repair company such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair can have your AC unit running smoothly again in no time – call now at (866) 311-8590 for 24/7 diagnoses and repairs.

When your evaporator freezes, it is important to take corrective action to avoid continued problems. First, identify the source of the problem, it could be a clogged air filter, improperly placed ductwork, or insufficient refrigerant or outside air intake. Then check and inspect the filter, ductwork, refrigerant line, and outside air intake. Taking these simple steps can help you fix the frozen evaporator and get your AC running optimally. If you cannot identify and correct the problem, it’s time to call in a professional appliance repair company such as Local Reliable Appliance Repair. They are ready and waiting to help you get your unit back up and running at (866) 311-8590.

How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator
How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator
How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

Frozen AC Unit Evaporator: Best Practices for Preventative Action

Most existing buildings have air conditioning units that make it much more pleasant to be outside in hot temperatures. This is especially true in places such as California, where summertime temperatures can easily reach into the triple digits. Keeping an air conditioning unit maintained and regularly checked is important, however, as if it goes unchecked it can lead to more complex issues such as Frozen AC Unit Evaporators.

When an AC unit’s evaporator coil freezes, it compromises the air conditioner’s efficiency, performance and its ability to cool the air. In more extreme cases, if not caught in time, it can lead to complete failure. In order to keep an AC unit in top working order, preventative action needs to be taken to avoid a frozen AC unit evaporator.

Manufacturer Recommendations

The first set of recommendations come from the manufacturer. They can provide specific instructions on how to prevent frozen AC unit evaporator coils. Instructional materials such as user manuals or product descriptions often provide useful information related to AC maintanance. The first step generally involves familiarizing yourself with the air conditioning unit, its features and its components. Once this knowledge has been acquired, the user should clean or replace the air filter regularly to reduce dust and dirt buildup.

Local Appliance Companies

Local appliance companies may also be a useful resource in regards to preventive action to avoid frozen AC unit evaporator issues. As they are familiar with the climate and environmental conditions in the local area, they can provide recommendations on how to best maintain an AC unit to avoid such problems. Usually, this suggestion will involve having the unit serviced on a regular basis. Most local companies offer service contracts that include regular inspections and maintenance schedules tailored to the AC unit user’s needs.

HVAC Technicians

The most reliable recommendation for prevention action when it comes to frozen AC unit evaporators is to hire the services of a qualified HVAC technician. They have the expertise and skills needed to properly troubleshoot and maintain an AC unit. During their inspection, a technician will be able to detect any potential issues related to the air conditioner and address them before they become a major problem. They can also clean and inspect the evaporator coil and measure its temperature to ensure it is functioning correctly.


In conclusion, taking proper preventive action is important to avoid frozen AC unit evaporator issues and keep an air conditioner functioning at its peak efficiency. Manufacturer recommendations, local appliance companies and HVAC technicians can all provide valuable advice on how to maintain the AC unit and prevent major issues such as evaporator coil freezing. Taking the necessary steps to ensure an air conditioner remains in top shape will keep a building comfortable and reduce the risk of unexpected and costly repairs.

Average Cost of Frozen AC Unit Evaporator Repair

Having a frozen AC unit evaporator can be an expensive and frustrating experience. With prices up 20% in California, the minimum cost of repair (or installation) is likely to be considerable. Fortunately, there are ways to save money and obtain quality customer service.

At a minimum, you will need to have inspected and replaced the evaporator, motor, and fan motor or fan blade. Other parts may be needed, based on the extent of the malfunction. In all cases, it is important to work with an experienced and reliable company like Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating that offers fast, friendly, and dependable service.

In order to determine the exact repair costs, the technician needs to inspect your AC unit, as well as the evaporator coils and all related components. Based on the findings of the inspection, and the extent of the damage, the technician can provide an itemized list of needed parts and the associated costs.

In addition to replacement parts and labor, there are also costs for materials and disposing of the old unit. Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating offers fast, reliable service and is capable of helping customers obtain the lowest repair cost possible.

For a professional and reliable AC unit evaporator repair in California, our customers are encouraged to call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590.

It’s Time To Fix the Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

When the summer heat comes, the last thing you need is an air conditioner that isn’t working properly. It’s understandable that you want to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, not all AC repair services are equal.

California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned company, committed to providing you with fast and reliable repair services. They offer same-day service for appliance and HVAC repair and installation. Plus, the team at California Reliable is made up of highly trained technicians, with a minimum of five years experience in the industry.

If you’re dealing with a frozen AC unit evaporator, California Reliable offers fair and affordable pricing to help you get your unit working again. Plus, their services are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your repairs are handled with the utmost professionalism. In addition, California Reliable also offers a 90-day warranty on all repairs, making sure that your unit keeps working all summer long.

Don’t let the summer heat get away from you. Get your AC unit repaired with California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, and enjoy a comfortable summer knowing your unit is working properly. With fast same-day services, fair and affordable pricing, and a 90-day warranty, California Reliable is the reliable choice for all your AC repair and installation needs.

FAQ – How to Fix a Frozen AC Unit Evaporator

Q: What causes a frozen AC evaporator?

A: A frozen evaporator is often caused by either a clogged air filter, dirty evaporator coils, or low levels of refrigerant.

Q: How do I know if I need to repair my AC evaporator?

A: Your AC unit will no longer cool your home if the evaporator has frozen. Additionally, there may be puddles of water near the unit and ice forming on the evaporator coils.

Q: Can I fix my AC evaporator myself?

A: Depending on the cause of the problem, it might be possible for you to fix the evaporator coils yourself. However, if the issue is caused by a problem with the refrigerant or the return airflow, it is best to contact a professional AC contractor.

Q: How do I thaw a frozen AC evaporator?

A: To thaw a frozen evaporator, turn off your AC unit and ensure that your air filter is clean. Then, inspect your evaporator coils and allow them to thaw. After the evaporator has thawed, clean the coils and check for any damage.

Q: What happens if I don’t fix my frozen AC evaporator?

A: A frozen evaporator can cause your system to break down, resulting in costly repairs. Additionally, leaving a frozen evaporator unfixed can cause harm to your home as the accumulated ice can cause water damage.

If you need help diagnosing or fixing a frozen AC evaporator, it is best to call a local, reliable appliance repair company. In this case, we recommend Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590.

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