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Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air - Common Causes and Solutions

Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air – Common Causes and Solutions

Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air – Common Causes and Solutions

When the air conditioning (AC) system in your Goodman home is blowing hot air, it’s a sure sign that something has gone awry. Luckily, there are some common causes and solutions to this frustrating situation. With the right knowledge, you can quickly diagnose and address the issue, getting your AC back up and running in no time.

Reasons Why Goodman AC Blows Hot Air

The first step to troubleshooting your Goodman AC system is to understand the common causes of hot air. Some of the potential indiscretions that may be causing your AC to blow hot air include the following:

  • Compressor Problems: The compressor is responsible for cooling the air that enters into and is then circulated throughout the house. If the compressor has burned out or is faulty, it may not be able to properly cool the air, leading to hot air instead.

  • ** Refrigerant Leaks:** Refrigerant leaks can occur in the AC system as a result of a failure in a component or a faulty installation. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system to keep it running efficiently, the air your Goodman AC system is producing will be warm.

  • Thermostat Issues: If the thermostat is not properly calibrated, it might be sending a signal to your Goodman AC system to blow hot air. This can also happen due to a malfunctioning thermostat, or a thermostat not optimized for summertime temperatures.

  • Dirty Air Filters: A dirty air filter can lead to more challenges than just warm air. If your air filter is clogged with dust and debris, it won’t be able to properly filter out the air, leading to hot air circulating throughout the house.

  • Issues With Condenser Fan: The condenser fan works to expel heat from your Goodman AC system. If it isn’t working properly, it won’t be able to keep the system running efficiently. This can lead to hot air circulating through the home.

What to Do If Goodman AC Blows Hot Air

If you’re dealing with a Goodman air conditioning system that is blowing hot air, the first step is to verify which of the common issues detailed above could be causing the problem. After you have identified the potential cause, you can take the steps necessary to resolve the situation. Some possible solutions include the following:

  • Repair or Replace Faulty Compressor: If the compressor is burned out or otherwise not functioning properly, you may need to either repair or replace it. If it is quite old, it may be best to invest in a new compressor, as this can help ensure that your Goodman AC system can run for years to come.

  • Investigate and Fix Refrigerant Leak: If your AC is leaking refrigerant, it will likely require professional attention. A qualified technician can investigate the issue, helping to identify the cause of the leak and implement a solution.

  • Check and Adjust Thermostat Settings: Checking and adjusting the thermostat settings can often be done by the homeowner themselves. Start by setting the temperature to the desired level and make sure the fan is set to “auto.” Check the “heat anticipator” and make sure the scale is properly calibrated.

  • Replace or Clean Air Filter: Replacing or cleaning out a clogged air filter can often provide a quick and easy solution to your hot air issues. This can be done using a vacuum to remove any dust and debris from the air filter and then replacing it.

  • Remove Any Blockages Near the Condenser Unit: Similarly, the condenser fan may be hindered by blockages such as dirt or vegetation near the unit. Make sure there is at least a two-foot clearance to ensure the fan isn’t restricted or blocked.

When to Call a Professional

If you find that the steps you take to address the issue of your Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air are not successful, it is best to call a professional. A licensed HVAC technician can locate the source of the issue and provide a thorough solution, ensuring that your system is running efficiently once again.

Goodman AC systems are well-known for their reliability and performance. The chances are that with the right knowledge and simple steps, you can have your Goodman AC system running optimally again in no time. But if you’re unable to identify and resolve the issue yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted, local appliance repair technician. Doing so will help guarantee the best result and help to ensure that your Goodman AC continues to blow cold air for the years to come.

Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air - Common Causes and Solutions
Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air - Common Causes and Solutions
Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air - Common Causes and Solutions

Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air – What to Do?

Keeping your Goodman air conditioning unit in California running correctly is critical during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, a variety of issues can arise from faulty installation, problems with the outdoor unit, or dirty filters that can interfere with the unit’s performance. One of the most worrisome issues is when your Goodman AC unit blows hot air instead of cool air. This can be a sign of a serious problem and should be addressed as soon as possible. Here are some of the manufacturer recommendations, local appliance companies and HVAC technicians provide for preventive action to avoid Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air issues:

Diagnose the Problem

The first step to solving any Goodman AC blowing hot air issue is to diagnose the problem. Start by checking the outdoor unit. Make sure it is clean and free from debris or objects that could block the air flow. If all looks good there, you should check the thermostat and air filters as well. If any of these components appear broken or malfunctioning, they should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Replace Compressor

In some cases, the Goodman AC unit could be blowing hot air due to a faulty or broken compressor. If this is the case, then the compressor should be replaced as soon as possible. This is a fairly involved process and should only be attempted by a qualified HVAC technician.

Check Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant in the Goodman AC unit is an essential component for keeping it properly cooled. If the levels of refrigerant are too low, then this could be causing the unit to blow hot air instead of cold air. A qualified HVAC technician can use a pressure gauge to check the refrigerant levels and add more if necessary.

Upgrade the Air Handler

In some cases, the Goodman AC unit may be having trouble performing correctly due to an outdated system. Older systems may have an inadequate air handler or fan motor that cannot provide enough air flow to cool the unit. In this case, the entire system should probably be replaced.

Run Sufficient Airflow

Running sufficient airflow is vital to keeping a Goodman AC unit running properly. Make sure to regularly inspect the ductwork in your home and ensure that they are not blocked or restricted in any way. This will allow the air to flow better and keep the temperature balanced.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your Goodman AC unit is the key to keeping it running properly and preventing any issues from arising. You should have your unit inspected by a qualified HVAC technician at least twice a year to ensure that everything is in proper working order. During this inspection, the technician can also clean the air filter and other necessary components as well.

Call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating

If you are having trouble with a Goodman AC blowing hot air, it is best to call a reliable and qualified HVAC technician for help. Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating offers professional services and can help troubleshoot and repair any issues with your unit quickly and efficiently.

These are just some of the manufacturer recommendations, local appliance companies, and HVAC technicians provide for preventive action to avoid Goodman AC blowing hot air issues. By following these best practices and taking the necessary steps to keep your Goodman AC unit working properly, you can ensure that it will continue to cool your home efficiently and effectively during the hot summer months in California.

Average Repair Cost for “Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air”

Having a Goodman AC blowing hot air is not only a discomfort but can indicate a more serious problem than a simple temperature adjustment. If you’re having this issue, you should call a reliable air conditioning and heating service in your area for repair or installation. On average, repair or installation costs have increased 20%, so you will likely have to pay more than previous years.

Below is an itemized list of what could be necessary for repair or installation and their respective costs:

  • Labor- $150 – $200
  • Replacement Parts (e.g. thermostat, filters, wiring) – $100 – $200
  • Materials (e.g. insulation, tubing, ventilation) – $75 – $150
  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting – $50 – $100

For complex repair or installation in California, the cost is typically more than the minimum. This is because it may require specialists and call-outs fees, as well as increased cost of labor, parts, and materials.

To get the best professional advice, you should call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590.

Is Your Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air?

When your Goodman Air Conditioner starts to blow hot air instead of cold, you need quick, reliable service to get it running optimally again. California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help. We are a family-owned business providing same-day HVAC and appliance repair services throughout California.

Our team of highly trained technicians are each equipped with at least 5 years of experience and have the reliable skills to troubleshoot any Goodman AC issue that may be causing your unit to blow hot air. We can diagnose and repair your Goodman AC quickly and efficiently, at an affordable price.

We understand that Goodman AC repair and installation can be expensive, but we strive to provide transparent, fair pricing. Additionally, we offer our customers a 90-day warranty on all repair services.

At California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, we know how important it is to have a quick and convenient solution when facing a malfunctioning AC unit, and our team is dedicated to providing superior, same-day services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

If your Goodman AC is blowing hot air and you need an experienced and dependable HVAC technician to take care of the problem quickly and conveniently, look no further than California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating. Contact us for an appointment today and take comfort in knowing your air conditioner will be running smoothly in no time.

FAQ: Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air – Common Causes & Solutions

Q1: Why Is My Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air?

The most common cause of your Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air is an insufficient coolant charge. If the coolant is low or the system is out of balance from a leak or overcharge, it can lead to warm air blowing. Other common causes are blocked returns or air filters, a failing compressor, or a restriction in the refrigerant lines.

Q2: How Can I Fix My Goodman AC Blowing Hot Air?

The solution to your Goodman AC blowing hot air depends on the source of the issue. If the system is low or out of balance on coolant, an air conditioning professional should be able to recharge the system and restore cooling. All other causes should be examined by a technician to ensure the problem is addressed quickly and safely.

Q3: How Can I Prevent My Goodman AC From Blowing Hot Air?

The best way to prevent you Goodman AC from blowing hot air is timely maintenance. Have a technician inspect the system each year and replace the air filters regularly. Clean the exterior of the condensing unit periodically while longer intervals between professional maintenance visits should help keep the system running effectively and efficiently.

If your Goodman AC is blowing hot air, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590. The experienced technicians will inspect and diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend a solution.

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