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AC Unit Not Turning On - Causes & Fixes

AC Unit Not Turning On – Causes & Fixes

AC Unit Not Turning On – Causes & Fixes

It is an unsettling feeling to come home on a hot summer day to an AC unit that refuses to turn on. Unfortunately, this is a common problem many homeowners face, and in some cases, the cause can be quite complex and require professional help. However, in some cases, an AC Unit Not Turning On can be repaired with a few simple steps. In this article, we’ll cover the most common causes and fixes for this common issue.

Common Causes

Faulty Thermostat – If the AC unit doesn’t turn on, the issue could be the thermostat. There may be a problem with the thermostat communicating with the unit, or it could be in need of a change of batteries. The best way to diagnose this issue is to ensure all wiring is intact, double-check the batteries, and re-set the unit.

Air Filter Issues – Clogged air filters can prevent air from flowing properly, leading to reduced air movement and cooling. The first step is to take out the air filters and give them a good shake – if they appear dirty, replace them. An overfilled filter can also block airflow. However, if the AC unit still does not turn on, it may be a sign of a more complex issue.

Low Refrigerant Levels – If refrigerant levels are too low, your AC unit will struggle to cool the air. This can be caused by a system leak, a faulty air conditioning unit, or simply because the system is too old. To check the refrigerant level, you’ll need to contact a professional.

Simple Fixes

Check the Circuit Breaker – Before doing any professional servicing, it’s best to identify simple issues that could be easily fixed. If your AC unit isn’t turning on, check the breaker or fuse box to ensure the circuits are working. In many cases, an issue with the circuit breaker can prevent the AC unit from turning on.

Check the Condenser Unit – If the circuit breaker is working, check the condenser unit. Verify the fan is spinning and examine the coils – if they have a heavy dust buildup, they’ll need to be cleaned or replaced.

Inspect the Wiring – If all else fails, you’ll need to assess the wiring or contact a professional. Damaged wiring can prevent the AC unit from turning on, and it’s unwise for inexperienced homeowners to mess with wiring. Contact an expert to check the wiring, clean your air filters, check the refrigerant levels, and make any needed repairs.


Unexpected issues can arise when an AC unit isn’t turning on. Before calling a professional, check the thermostat, air filters, and circuit breaker. If these simple solutions don’t work, hire a professional technician to inspect the unit and make any needed repairs for an efficient and energy-saving cooling system. When hiring a professional, be sure to choose a local and reliable appliance repair service such as (866) 311-8590.

AC Unit Not Turning On - Causes & Fixes
AC Unit Not Turning On - Causes & Fixes
AC Unit Not Turning On - Causes & Fixes

AC Unit Not Turning On: Manufacturer Recommendations and Best Practices

It is essential to take the necessary preventive measures to avoid AC Unit Not Turning On issues. Nowadays, manufacturers, local appliance companies and HVAC technicians offer their recommendations to help ensure that your AC unit runs smoothly and without interruption. Here we will outline some of the recommendations and best practices to follow in order to avoid AC Unit Not Turning On issues.

Check the Power Source

The most fundamental recommendation is to check the power source. Make sure the power source is correctly connected to the unit. Ensure the circuit breaker is on, and that the voltage is correct to power the AC unit.

Clean the Unit

Regularly cleaning the AC unit and the air filters is an important preventive measure. Dust, dirt and other particles can interfere with the AC unit’s system. Make sure to clean the filters every month and replace them if they are damaged or extremely clogged.

Check for Leaks

Leaks from the unit can also cause AC Unit Not Turning On issues. Regularly check for visible refrigerant leaks. If you find any, call a professional HVAC technician to address the problem.

Check for Condenser Blockage

The condenser is responsible for cooling the air. Therefore, it is important to make sure the condenser is free and clear of any leaves, debris and other blockages. Make sure to clear that area of any debris or blockages.

Change the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, the circuit breaker may need to be replaced. If the circuit breaker is not working properly or is faulty, it can cause the AC unit to fail to turn on. Check the circuit breaker and if it is not functioning properly, call a professional to inspect and change it if necessary.

Run Diagnostics

It is always best to run diagnostics when dealing with AC Unit Not Turning On issues. This can help determine the cause of the problem and help to find a solution quicker. Professional HVAC technicians can connect the unit to diagnostic equipment that can detect and solve the problem.

Regularly Test the Unit

It is important to regularly test the AC unit to ensure that all the system is functioning correctly. This can help you identify and address problems before they become serious. Make sure to turn it on and off several times to test its functionality.

By following these recommendations and best practices, you can help avoid AC Unit Not Turning On issues. If you experience AC Unit Not Turning On problems, contact a reliable local HVAC technician or qualified appliance repair company to address the issue. For further guidance and information, contact Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590.

Repair Costs for AC Unit Not Turning On

On average, repairing an AC unit that isn’t turning on typically costs between $360 to $650 in California, with pricing increasing by up to 20% in recent times. This price includes checking a unit for malfunctioning parts and replacing any components that may have expired or failed. However, depending on the complexity of the job, the cost may be higher.

In some cases, a complete AC unit installation may be required, which can cost around $4,500-$10,000. The cost breakdown for this may include labor (around $2,900-$4,500), parts (around $750-$2,500) and taxes (around $750-$2,000).

To determine what kind of parts are necessary, an HVAC technician will first inspect the AC unit and diagnose the issue. Possible parts that may need to be replaced in order to get an AC unit working again include the following:

  • Condenser fan unit
  • Outdoor compressor
  • Filters
  • Fan motors
  • Thermostat

Additionally, when it comes to an AC unit installation, all necessary materials will be provided by the technicians, however these may alter the cost of the job.

To get the most reliable service, we recommend calling Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590 for reliable and professional AC repair and installation.

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FAQ – AC Unit Not Turning On – Causes & Fixes

What Causes an AC Unit Not to Turn On?

The most common causes of an air conditioner not turning on include issues with the fuse, power supply, thermostat settings, or issues with the compressor.

How Do I Fix My Air Conditioner That Won’t Turn On?

Check the circuit breakers, inspect the wiring connections, change the compressor fan motor, and check for any blockage in the system. If none of these steps resolve the problem, consider calling an HVAC professional.

What Could Be Wrong if My AC Will Not Turn On?

The issue could be related to the wiring connections, thermostat settings, compressor fan motor, the fuse, or a clogged air filter. Checking each of these items should help you narrow down the cause of your AC not turning on.

What Happens if an AC Unit Won’t Turn On?

If an AC unit won’t turn on, it’s likely due to an issue with the wiring or fuse, the compressor fan motor, or an obstruction in the system. If none of these seem to be the problem, you should call a professional.

My AC Is Not Turning On. How Do I Fix It?

To fix a unit that won’t turn on, check the fuse, wiring, and thermostat settings. If you have a blockage in the system, clear that out. If the AC still won’t turn on, it’s time to call a professional.

If My AC Unit Will Not Turn On, Is It Safe to Use Other Appliances?

Yes, other appliances should be safe to use as long as the circuit breaker was not tripped. However, if the AC unit still won’t turn on, it’s best to call a professional to prevent further damage.

How Can I Tell If My AC Compressor Is Not Working?

Signs that your AC compressor isn’t working may include a noisy unit, an insufficient flow of cool air, and odd smells or odors coming from the unit.

If your AC unit is not turning on, causes and fixes can be complex. To get the best advice, contact a local and reliable appliance repair service. We recommend calling Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for help.

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