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AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions

AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions

AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions

As temperatures heat up and you’re relying more and more on air conditioning, it’s possible you’ll run into problems. Among the most common issues people have with their AC units is when it’s not working but not blowing cold air. Ask any HVAC professional and they’ll tell you this is a tricky problem to fix. To figure out why your AC isn’t blowing cold air, you’ll need to look at possible causes and solutions.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is a critical component to your air conditioner working properly. Usually, a leaking AC or a unit that’s been improperly installed results in a drop in refrigerant levels. The cold air your AC it produces is created when the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your house, then releasing it into the outside area. If it’s working correctly, the liquid should remain at the same level throughout the entire process and last for years. However, if there’s a leak, the liquid won’t move to the outside unit, resulting in no air being cooled. Make sure you call a professional to check the refrigerant levels in your AC and repair any possible leaks.

A Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor is the beating heart of your AC unit. Without it, the AC wouldn’t have the power to blow out cold air. Improper maintenance can put strain on the compressor, leading to it malfunctioning or even breaking. Other possible causes include overworking the unit or improper installation. Look out for signs such as noises coming from the AC or an increase in energy bills. If any of these occur, it’s wise to call a reliable and experienced repair service.

Frozen Coils

Frozen coils happen when the system goes through serious strain, such as overuse or low refrigerant levels. To repair frozen coils, you’ll need to start by turning off the unit and allowing it to melt. This may take several hours. When you turn the unit back on, it’s important to check continuously for any odd, unsettling noises. If you hear any odd sounds, it’s best to call a repair service immediately. If you don’t, you could risk causing additional damage to the AC unit.

Dirty Filters

The filters of your AC unit are essential for keeping the dust, pollen and other particles out of your home. If they’re left unchecked and unserviced, they can become clogged with dirt and other particulates. This disruption to the airflow can reduce the amount of cold air the unit produces. If you experience your AC not cooling and warm air being blown out, check the filter. It’s advised to change it every three months or more, depending on usage.

Does Your Thermostat Need Calibration?

Occasionally, you may experience your AC not cooling properly due to thermostat misreading and needing a recalibration. If your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, it will misread the temperature around it and not be accurate. To take a closer look at this issue, it’s wise to call a technician.

Experiencing AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air? Local Reliable Appliance Repair Can Help

If you’ve been experiencing the common issue of an AC not working but not blowing cold air, you could have many issues at hand. From improper installation to frozen coils and dirty filters, there are many possible causes to your air conditioner not being able to blow cold air. To get to the bottom of the issue, it’s best to call a repair service to do a thorough check of the unit and its components.

Local Reliable Appliance Repair offers many service options for your home comfort needs, including AC diagnostics and repair. Our technicians are factory-trained, experienced and insured to deliver quality and high-end appliance services. We provide detailed assessments of your HVAC system so you can feel confident that the job is done right.

If you’re concerned about your AC not working but not blowing cold air, call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 and our experts will be happy to help you out.

AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions
AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions
AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions

AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Preventive Action

Nobody likes it when their air conditioner fails to work properly. Air conditioners, however, can sometimes fail to blow cold air, but still appear to work. This can be a frustrating experience, and to prevent it, it’s important to take preventive action. In California, there are a few recommendations from manufacturers, local appliance companies, and HVAC technicians that can help avoid this issue.

Manufacturer Recommendations

When installing an air conditioner, manufacturers emphasize the importance of carrying out proper maintenance and making sure all products are properly sized. When carrying out maintenance operations, individuals should check the filters, inspect the evaporator and condenser coils, as well as check and clean the area around the condenser. Moreover, ensuring the unit is properly sized for the space it is cooling is also important. An under-sized unit will struggle to cool the space properly and will lead to an inefficient use of power and an uncomfortable environment.

Local Appliance Companies

To ensure a proper installation and prevent the air conditioner from not working but not blowing cold air, local appliance companies recommend having the installation done by a qualified and experienced certified HVAC technician to ensure it’s properly done. Moreover, they also recommend checking and following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, including the specifications on the refrigerant levels, as well as the airflow.

HVAC Technician Recommendations

HVAC technicians also recommend cleaning the drain tubes and checking the condensate in order to prevent any issues due to moisture buildup. Moreover, they also recommend making sure that all thermostat settings are correct and suitable for the environment, as well as making sure the condenser unit is regularly maintained. Additionally, it is important that all air vents in the home are clear and not blocked, as well as checking for any leaks in the ductwork that might cause a decrease in efficiency.

Overall, there are a few recommendations from manufacturers, local appliance companies, and HVAC technicians that can help individuals in California to avoid the issue of an AC not working but not blowing cold air. From regular maintenance, to properly sized units and qualified technicians, carrying out these steps can help to prevent this issue, as well as ensure a properly functioning air conditioner that keeps you cool in the summertime. If you are having any issues, make sure to contact a local qualified and experienced HVAC technician right away to avoid any further damage or issues.

Average Repair Cost for “AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air”

Are you having trouble understanding how much your AC repair or installation will cost? If so, you are not alone. The average repair or installation cost for an AC not working but not blowing cold air issue can be complicated.

This article provides valuable information and advice on how to estimate the minimum repair/installation cost and complex repair or installation cost in the city of California, assuming prices are up 20%. It will also highlight the parts that could be necessary and provide an itemized list to help you manage your AC repair budget better.

Minimum Repair/Installation Cost

The minimum repair/installation cost will largely depend on the exact problem and the complexity of the repair. However, the cost of the material you need for the repair will likely be around $50. Labor costs are generally about $125, though it can be higher for more complicated jobs. Therefore, the minimum repair/installation cost could be approximately $175.

Complex Repair/Installation Cost

For a more in-depth repair/installation in California, the cost could be a bit higher. On average, you can expect to pay about $250 for the labor and around $100 for the parts. Depending on the issue, you may need to buy additional parts. Therefore, the complex repair or installation cost could be around $350.

Parts Necessary

The parts necessary for the repair of an AC not working but not blowing cold air issue will vary depending on the exact problem. However, they might include a new capacitor, refrigerant, condenser coils, and fan motors. Additionally, duct insulation and a new thermostat are recommended if the issue has been ongoing for a while. Here is an itemized list of potential parts you might need:

  1. Capacitor
  2. Refrigerant
  3. Condenser Coils
  4. Fan Motors
  5. Duct Insulation
  6. Thermostat


For best results, it is advisable to consult a professional who has experience with AC repairs and installations. They can help you pinpoint the exact issue and offer valuable advice. For personalized assistance, we recommend calling Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating at (866) 311-8590.

Common Causes of AC Not Working But Not Blowing Cold Air

Is your air conditioner not working properly? Are you dealing with AC not working but not blowing cold air? It’s a common problem. There could be several reasons why your air conditioner is not cooling correctly.

Dirty or Clogged Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter is one of the most common causes of an inefficient AC. A dirty or clogged air filter makes it difficult for air to pass and circulate throughout the home.

Refrigerant Leak or Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak can also cause your AC to not cool as expected. When your AC has a refrigerant leak, it will not cool your home correctly which can result in warm air blowing out of the vents.

Faulty Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat is another common cause of AC not working but not blowing cold air. A thermostat malfunction can impact the temperature of your air conditioning by preventing it from cooling correctly.

Broken or Damaged Fan

If you have an issue with your air conditioning unit not working properly, a broken or damaged fan could be to blame. The fan works to help circulate cool air, so if it is not working correctly, your AC will not be able to cool your home as expected.

Uncalibrated Thermostat

An uncalibrated thermostat may also be causing your AC to not cool your home correctly. An uncalibrated thermostat can cause the air to not reach the desired temperature or to cycle off too quickly.

Faulty Compressor

If you have a faulty compressor, it could be preventing your AC unit from working properly. A faulty compressor can mean that your AC is not able to cool your home as it should.

Lubrication Issues

Finally, if your AC is not working but not blowing cold air, the issue could be related to lubrication. If the parts inside your AC are not properly lubricated, the air conditioner will not be able to function properly.

Get Expert Help

If you are dealing with a system that is AC not working but not blowing cold air you need expert help. Get help from the certified technicians at California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for quick, professional and reliable AC repair services.

California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned company dedicated to providing quality air conditioning and heating services. They hire highly trained technicians with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field. Reliable is a licensed and insured provider of same-day services, and they offer fair and affordable pricing. Plus, they provide a 90-day warranty on all repairs. With California Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating, you can rest assured that your AC repair needs are taken care of correctly and quickly.

FAQ About AC Not Working but Not Blowing Cold Air: Possible Causes and Solutions

What might cause my AC to not work but not blow cold air?

There are several possible triggers for a malfunctioning air conditioner that is not blowing cold air. Issues with the condenser unit, frozen evaporator coils, improper coolant level, closed or restricted air register vents, faulty fans, or broken controls can all be factors.

What can I do to repair my AC if it’s not working or blowing cold air?

The first step is to inspect the condenser unit for any visible issues. If all appears functional, then you should check the coolant level, inadequate ventilation, and the air register vents. You should also inspect the blower fan, refrigerant lines, and evaporator coils for any signs of damage.

How can I check the coolant level in my AC unit?

To check the coolant level in your AC system, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the recharging port on the unit
  2. Attach the refrigerant gauge to the recharging port
  3. Turn on the air conditioner and measure the amount of coolant

Is it safe to adjust the refrigerant levels in my air conditioner myself?

It is not recommended that you adjust the refrigerant levels on your own as it can result in further damage. The safest way to address refrigerant levels is to call a qualified HVAC technician.

What can happen if I try to adjust the coolant levels on my own?

Attempting to adjust the coolant levels of the air conditioner without the proper training can lead to improper leveling, which could damage your system and require costly repair. Also, introducing unapproved chemicals into the air conditioner can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

When should I call a technician to look at my air conditioner?

If you have attempted all do-it-yourself methods and your air conditioner continues to run but not blow cold air, it’s time to call a certified HVAC technician to inspect, diagnose, and repair the unit.

If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioner unit, please call Local Reliable Appliance Repair at (866) 311-8590 for a fast and reliable solution.

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