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AC Not Cooling Enough? Here's What You Can Do

AC Not Cooling Enough? Here’s What You Can Do

AC Not Cooling Enough? Here’s What You Can Do

If your air conditioner isn’t keeping the house as cool as you’d like, there are a few things you can do to get the temperature down. While it’s possible that you may need to call a repair person to address the problem, sometimes all it needs is a few simple fixes to get your cooling system running optimally again.

Cleaning the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is a critical component of your air conditioning system. Your HVAC system passes air over the coil to cool it and the coil contains moisture that can easily be blocked by debris and dirt. If your evaporator coil is blocked, it won’t be able to remove the heat from your home.

In order to clean the evaporator coil, you’ll need to turn off your air conditioning system and locate your evaporator. Then you can use a brush or a vacuum to clean off the dirt and debris, being careful not to damage the fragile fins. You should also replace or clean your air filter, as this can also affect the performance of your AC.

Clogged Condensate Lines

The condensate line is the tube that runs from your air conditioner to a drain. If the line gets blocked or clogged, the condensate won’t be able to flow freely, and your air conditioner won’t be able to remove the humidity from the air. If your AC isn’t cooling enough, you may want to check the condensate line for blockages. If you can’t clear the clog manually, you may need to call a repair person to help.

Refrigerant Leaks

If the refrigerant level in your air conditioning system is too low, it won’t be able to cool your home properly. This issue is usually caused by a refrigerant leak, which needs to be repaired in order to fix the problem. Look for signs of refrigerant around your outdoor unit and feel for cold spots on the copper lines.

These are just a few of the potential causes of an air conditioner that isn’t cooling enough. If you’ve tried the fixes above and your air conditioner still isn’t cooling your home as it should, you may need to call a qualified appliance repair service. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and provide the repairs needed to get your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently again.

No matter the cause of your AC not cooling enough, it’s always best to call a reliable repair service like Local Reliable Appliance Repair. With over decades of experience and dedicated technicians, they can quickly diagnose the issue and get your home feeling comfortable again in no time. Their friendly team is ready to help you, so just give them a call at (866)311-8590 and get your air conditioning up and running again.

AC Not Cooling Enough? Here's What You Can Do
AC Not Cooling Enough? Here's What You Can Do
AC Not Cooling Enough? Here's What You Can Do

AC Not Cooling Enough: Manufacturer and Technician Recommendations

As the summer months approach, ensuring that an air conditioning (AC) system is functioning optimally is essential to stay comfortable in the home. Homeowners can take preventive action to reduce the chances of facing issues with an AC not cooling enough. Below, we’ll provide an itemized list of recommendations manufacturers and HVAC technicians make in order to help homeowners see the best performance from their AC unit.

1. Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the most important steps to take in order to keep the AC from not cooling enough is regularly scheduling maintenance and cleaning. Checking the vents and ducts for blockages and clogs is essential, as well as cleaning blades, filters, and other parts of the unit. Homeowners can either do it themselves or hire a professional technician for the job.

2. Replacing the Air Filters

Replacing or cleaning air filters should be done regularly, as dirty filters can lead to poor air circulation and a decrease in overall cooling. Clogged filters reduce the amount of air flowing through the system and cause the temperature to increase. Filters should be changed out every three months minimum, depending on how much people use the AC.

3. Checking the Refrigerant Level

For efficient operation, the AC requires the right ratio of refrigerant, which is a substance that helps cool air. Over time, the refrigerant might begin to deplete, which will put extra stress on the AC and cause it to not cool enough. Checking the refrigerant level and ensuring it’s up to the recommended level is essential for optimal performance.

4. Inspecting the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is a critical piece of the AC system, as it helps absorb heat out of the air and keep your home cool. Checking the coil to make sure it’s clean and free of any buildup or dust is essential to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

5. Summoning an Experienced Technician

The last step is to seek out an experienced HVAC technician to have a look at the system if it appears to be not cooling enough. Technicians can offer insight into parts that may need to be replaced or other services that can keep the unit running like new. The technician can also give advice on how to keep the unit maintained.

By following the recommendations above, homeowners can help ensure that their AC unit is running efficiently and that it is not cooling enough. Keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning is essential to get the most out of your AC system and enjoy a comfortable environment in the summer months. Homeowners can also reach out to a reliable HVAC technician for additional advice and assistance.

Average Repair Cost for “AC Not Cooling Enough” Issue

When an air conditioner isn’t cooling enough, it is important to have it checked out and repaired professionally. As prices for repair and installation have increased by 20% in the city of California, here is an in-depth guide to the average repair costs, including itemized parts necessary.

  • Minimum repair or installation costs: Depending on the type and age of the unit, , costs for a minimum repair or installation range from $80 – $140 in the city of California.

  • Complex repair or installation prices: Costs can be much higher for complex repairs or installations that include parts replacement. This type of repair could cost anywhere from $250 – $400 or more due to the complexity of the job.

  • Intended parts: In order to adequately repair or replace an air conditioner, parts such as air filters, control cables or central air systems may be necessary. Depending on the severity of the issue, additional components may also be necessary such as compressors, condenser, circulating fans, and capacitors. Call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for a free estimate.

  • Cost of materials: The cost of materials for repairs or installation should be included when seeking out estimates from a contractor. They may vary from job to job, and are normally calculated in the quote provided.

It is important to note that repairs or installations should only be handled by a licensed professional. By doing so, customers can rest assured that the job is done right and that all parts used are of a high quality. Call Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating today for a free quote.

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FAQ about AC Not Cooling Enough

What causes AC not cooling enough?

ACs not cooling sufficiently can be due to several factors. Low refrigerant, incorrect system size, faulty compressor or evaporator fan, blocked air filters or return air grills, and dirt or debris on the coils are some of the most common causes of insufficient cooling.

How to fix the AC not cooling enough issue?

The best way to troubleshoot and resolve an AC not cooling enough issue is to call a professional technician. An expert has the expertise and specialized equipment required to diagnose and repair your AC system.

What is the best way to maintain an AC system?

The best way to ensure your AC system operates at its optimal performance is to have it regularly serviced by a qualified technician. Maintenance includes cleaning the AC unit, replacing worn parts, and checking the system’s overall condition.

When should I call an Appliance Repair professional?

You should call a professional appliance repair technician immediately if your AC is not cooling enough. An experienced technician can diagnose the issue and recommend the necessary repairs.

If you’re experiencing AC not cooling enough, make sure to call a reliable appliance repair service. Local Reliable Appliance Repair offers quality AC repair services at competitive rates. Contact us at (866) 311-8590 for a free consultation.

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