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Cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation

Cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation

Cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation

Cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation

Goodman is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning (AC) systems. Their 3 Ton AC is a reliable, budget-friendly option for those who need a dependable AC, with efficient results and a long lifespan. However, the cost of installing such an AC can vary depending on several factors. This article will discuss the different components of a Goodman 3 Ton AC installation, as well as different costs that could be incurred.

The Cost of Acquiring the Unit

The price of the Goodman 3 Ton AC unit should be taken into consideration when estimating the overall installation cost. Prices of the Goodman 3 Ton AC can vary depending on the manufacturer and the retailer. In general, the unit can cost anywhere between $1,200 and $2,000. Additionally, Goodman offers a 10-year limited warranty on their 3 Ton ACs, however, the warranty can vary in price depending on the retailer of purchase.

Labor Cost

The labor cost of installing a Goodman 3 Ton AC will depend on a few factors. If the installation is done professionally, labor costs can range from $150-$200 per hour. Typically, the labor cost of installing the AC unit, wiring the system and assembling it will include at least three hours of labor. Any additional wiring, testing, and repairing of the system may increase the labor cost.

Additional Materials

In cases where the installation location does not have access to window space for the AC to vent, additional materials may be required in order to install the AC correctly. This could include additional insulation, an anchor, shims, and bolts. Depending on the complexity of the project, these additional materials can cost anywhere from $200-$500.

Other Miscellaneous Fees

Other than the three components previously mentioned, there are also other fees which could be included in the overall installation cost. These fees include permit fees and taxes. Depending on the location of installation, the fees may vary.


In conclusion, the cost of installing a Goodman 3 Ton AC system can vary depending on the components required, the complexity of the installation, and the miscellaneous fees that may be accrued. To ensure accurate installation and get the best output, it is important to hire a reliable and experienced technician to do the job. For those in need of help with the installation process, Local Reliable Appliance Repair can provide expert help to ensure the job is done properly. For more information, dial (866) 311-8590 today.

Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost: Prevention Steps and Best Practices

It is important to take preventive steps to avoid potential issues with Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost installations. Below, we discuss some of the best practices recommended by manufacturers, local appliance companies, and HVAC technicians that can help keep the installation process cost effective and hassle-free.

Manufacturer Recommendations

When opting for an Goodman 3 Ton AC system, it is important to follow manufacturer guidelines for installation. This includes making sure the unit is properly sized for the space and obtaining all required permits for installation. Furthermore, it is best to avoid purchasing Goodman products from third-party sellers, as these items often do not carry adequate warranties and may be of inferior quality.

Local Appliance Company Recommendations

It is always best to source Goodman 3 Ton AC systems from a reputable local appliance store, as they typically have knowledgeable professionals who can assist with installation. Additionally, they may be able to provide tips on how to best maximize energy usage and the life of the AC unit. Furthermore, local appliance stores may also offer discounted services and parts when purchasing the Goodman system.

HVAC Technician Recommendations

When looking to install a Goodman 3 Ton AC system, it is wise to enlist the assistance of an experienced HVAC technician. Not only can they provide valuable insight into the most efficient setup for the space, but they can also assess the existing ductwork and advise on any necessary repairs or updates for the system. Professional HVAC technicians may also be able to provide discounts on services and components when opting for a Goodman 3 Ton AC system.


By following the manufacturer recommendations, local appliance store recommendations, and HVAC technician advice, homeowners can ensure a successful and cost-effective installation of a Goodman 3 Ton AC system. Additionally, these steps can provide additional peace of mind that the installation process is being carried out correctly and safely. With the right preparation, the Goodman 3 Ton AC system can provide efficient and reliable cooling for years to come.

Average Repair Cost for Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost

Hiring a professional air conditioning technician to repair or install a Goodman 3 Ton AC unit can be expensive. In the city of California, the average repair cost is 20% higher than the national average. Depending on the scope of the job, materials and labor costs can vary significantly. It’s important to obtain a detailed estimate from a qualified air conditioning contractor.

Common Repairs and Potential Costs:
1. Refrigerant Leaks: Min. $450, Complex $850
2. Compressor Malfunction: Min. $525, Complex $1100
3. Blower Motor Replacement: Min. $150, Complex $750
4. Faulty Electrical Connections: Min. $150, Complex $720
5. Lubrication: Min. $75, Complex $215

The cost of materials and parts may also be included in the repair or installation bill. Replacing air filters and switches, installing a new thermostat, and electrical wiring are some of the services that can add to the bill.

If you need repairs or a new installation of a Goodman 3 Ton AC unit, it’s important to speak to a reliable contractor. We recommend contacting Local Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for competent, affordable service.

Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost from Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating

Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating is a family-owned business proudly serving California. They provide same-day service for HVAC and appliance repair and installations. Their highly trained technicians have a minimum of five years of experience in the field.

Reliable is well-versed in the Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost and offers fair and affordable pricing. All technicians are licensed, insured and backed by a ninety-day labor warranty on all repairs. With customer satisfaction as a priority, Reliable provides a personalized and knowledgeable experience.

Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating prioritizes fast and safe service with customer convenience. They can help you find a home air conditioner that works best with your unique needs. Their team of experts will ensure it is adequately installed to provide you with year-round comfort in your home.

Reliable promises hassle-free and reliable HVAC troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. They also offer friendly customer service, professional installation and support to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

When you choose Reliable Air Conditioning & Heating for Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost, you can be sure you are getting the best customer experience, quality service, and fair pricing. With their experience and knowledge, Reliable can give you peace of mind by providing you with the best customer experience and installation costs.

FAQ: Cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation and Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost

How Much Does a Goodman 3 Ton AC Installation Cost?

An average Goodman 3 Ton AC installation typically costs between $3,800 and $6,800, depending on a variety of factors, including complexity of installation, local cost of labor, and existing ducts.

How Much Does a Goodman 3 Ton AC Cost?

The cost of a Goodman 3 Ton AC unit varies widely, though the average cost is between $2,500 and $4,500. This includes installation costs, which vary depending on the level of customization needed, local cost of labor, and existing ductwork.

What Are the Benefits of a Goodman 3 Ton AC?

Goodman 3 Ton AC units offer many benefits to homeowners, including fast installation, increased efficiency through SEER ratings of 18 and above, EcoNet™ smart home compatibility, and a 10 year parts warranty.

For more information on the cost of Goodman 3 Ton AC installation and Goodman 3 Ton AC Costs, and to decide which model is right for your home, call a reliable appliance repair professional at (866) 311-8590.

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